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Petitioning State Senator Ted Obrien and 5 others


It's our 4th Right Amendment to have protection to our person and property which includes our family pets that are deem property by the State.
The dog in the profile photo is Chino The mastiff shot by Gates Police Officer in Gates, N.Y. suburb of Rochester N.Y. and as you can see Chino is just sitting and making no motion efforts or advancing this is what officers are doing with no justifications what so ever.

 By: Eddie Cintron

To make it mandatory to institute a non-lethal training for police officers to handle our canine family members which are killed everyday on owners private property which currently officers are not given any training in how to confront a dog when they are on duty in the position to protect & serve and come short of a complete and comprehensive training to perform their job duties.
We are requesting that our State Senators sponsor a Bill to make it law that all police officers, peace officers, get trained as part of their professional training to handle canines without the use of lethal force
Police Departments code of  ethics is to regard lives and property where canines are both. 
This petition was prompt by the loss of Diablo The Pitbull, Chino, Codi, Choco who survived a gun shot by RPD department and many in our community, we want officers safe and canines in the comunity safe.
We petition Gov. Cuomo, State Legislators, and our local city and county to put into place a comprehension training for police officers as part of their extensive training in order to carry out their task to "Protect & Serve".
Presently officers are trained in every aspect of law enforcement training except one that should be standard in order to be equipped to carry out their duties as they confront unfamiliar canines.
The abuse of thousands of canines each year killed by officers simply because there is no training provided to do their jobs as a professional and uphold the constitution to protect citizens property.
The 4th Amendment protects our property which includes our canine pets as they are considered property by the state.Police officers killings of family canines in front of children that has affected them by those brutal and gruesome killings.
Monroe County Sheriff's have at our request of K9 Partners Of Monroe County instituted and finalized their training policy for training of their officers in handling a unfamiliar canine in the community.
Monroe County Sheriff's Department serves as a model for the entire State Of New York that such training is necessary and will work when officers are equiped with such training.
Their campaign slogan is "Dog Owners And Police Working Together To Save Dogs".
Hats off to the Sheriff Patrick O' Flynn and Commander Phelps of the Monroe County Sheriff's Department for bringing more safety awareness and safety for their officers and the canine community.
Please email the Govenor Andrew Cuomo and Lt. Govenor Robert Duffy @

We also want new laws to further protect our canine family members.

Letter to
State Senator Ted Obrien
State Senator Sen.Joseph Robach,
Governor Of New York State Gov. Andrew M.Cuomo
and 3 others
Lt. Governor Of New York State Lt. Gov. Robert Duffy
Chief Of Police Rochester New York Chief James Shepard
City Council Member City Of Rochester, New York Jacklyn Ortiz
I just signed the following petition addressed to: Joseph Robach, Senator Ted O'brien, Governor Cuomo, Lt. Gov. Robert Duffy.
We are asking for a state wide police training on canine handling when officers approach a unfamiliar dog.
This training should be part of their overall training just like any other employer provides training for their employees, many officers don't understand or know how to handle a situation where a unfamiliar dog approaches them.
This is nothing more then to equipped officers to be safe and to protect private citizens beloved canines which are family members and are protected by the 4th Amendment Rights specifically identified as "Effects".
Thank you for your attention to this great and most important issue and training.

This will help law enforcement to be equipped with the training they need to be safe, to protect people's property which by the state it's deem property but they are family members to dog owners, and most important to relieve them from possible liability to law suits which they are open to.

It's our 4th Amendment Rights to have protection to our person and property which includes our family pets that are deem property by the State.