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Staff often do not get time to properly feed, hydrate or toilet residents


Sep 15, 2013 — Hi everyone, exciting news, we now have over 2000 signatures and that's fantastic, however still a fair way to go..... we are after 10,000.

Alarming story by ABCs Margot O'neill. This is happening as we speak and will be our future if we do not act now. Please ask four of your friends to sign.

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Abuse, neglect rampant in aged care: nurses
Abuse, neglect rampant in aged care: nurses
Aged care workers say their industry is facing a staffing crisis, with claims of abuse and neglect as patients struggle to get even basic care. In phone calls and emails with scores of carers, nurses, facility managers and even former health bureaucrats, Lateline has uncovered a pattern of failure due to staff shortages in many facilities.