time to sack Mourinho

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It is clearly time to sack Jose Mourinho as his boring defensive football and idiotic tactics are as far from acceptable as you an get at a club like Manchester United.

This guy seems to think he can take an attacking institute such as United and force upon us his garbage defensive methods and allowing opposition to attack whiles we park a bus in front of our own goal. We are not Chelsea football and should not be playing this gross garbage at Old Trafford.

United were and still are a club built on majestic free-flowing attacking football with the purpose of dominating our opposition and scoring as many goals as possible to ensure victory.

The sort of attacking football that proved so successful under the reigns of the greatest two managers in football history; Sir Alex Ferguson and Sir Matt Busby.

Manchester United has always been at their best when allowed to openly express themselves on the field as proved at the star of the 2017-18 season when we were scoring 3 or 4 goals a game and was playing some great football before HE parked the bus against Liverpool and has refused to let go of the hand brakes ever since. 

To sit there and listen to him talk up small time clubs such as Man City and Sevilla during his bizarre rant on Friday 16 March 2018, whiles doing everything in his power to discredit the football institute that is the biggest club in football Manchester United is far from acceptable.   

We are talking about a club who has played some of the finest football ever seen, won every major trophy going, and has been the home of some of the greatest players in history. To hear him talk up Lukaku and Matic whiles ignoring star players such as Rashford, Lingard, Pogba, de Gea, Mata, Martial, Herrera and even Alexis is simply disgusting and unacceptable, 

It's not like its even the first time he has belittled United whiles attempting to talk up some small time club or player and it is not the first time he has shown no regard to the club or its loyal fans during his efforts to defend his own tarnished reputation.

It has become crystal clear that this small minded egomaniac does not know where he is and it is our responsibility to do everything in our power to force Ed Woodward and the Glazers to remove this disgraceful individual from our club before he can inflict further damage.

You can say I am jumping the gun, after all we did win two trophies last season,but that does not change the fact that Jose Mourinho is starting to mimic his Chelsea breakdown and his football tactics is still not suited for this club.

I do not care if he has signed a new contract or if the board and owners back his stupid ideas, it is cleat to all that Jose Mourinho is a relic who lives in the past an it is time for him to go!