Sack Ed Woodward - Get New Owners

Sack Ed Woodward - Get New Owners

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BoycottManUnited started this petition to Manchester United (Manchester United Football Club)

Man United's League Position's under CEO Ed Woodward:

Year      POS   PTS

2014   7th     64
2015   4th     70
2016   5th     66
2017   6th     69
2018   2nd    81
2019   6th     66

According to Ed Woodward's promise, "After a turbulent season, everyone at Manchester United is focussed on building towards the success that this great club expects and our fans deserve." - Edward Woodward

This is beyond the case. The date is, at time of writing, 08/08/2019 after 5:00pm, the final hour of the 2019 Summer transfer window. This petition has come into effect with the goal of an immediate resignation of Mr Edward Gareth Woodward, CEO of Manchester United F.C.

We the fans of Manchester United Football Club were promised to success "our fans deserve".  We were also promised: "Everyone at the club – the board, the manager, the squad and all the staff are resolute in our desire to get United back to the top of English football. We continually look to improve staff on and off the pitch to achieve this" - Ed Woodward

We need to make a massive shift as a fan base and let our voices be heard. Start the following trends happening on Twitter and other Social Media Platforms. We need to send a bad PR to the sponsors of our dear club.

#BoycottManUnited #BoycottAON #BoycottAdidas #BoycottKohler #BoycottChevrolet #WoodwardOut

One final say, we call all Manchester United Fans to boycott the entire existence of Manchester United, from the league matches, to your season tickets. Only support the fan channels on existing social media platforms.

We will also hire a plane to raise an "Ed Woodward Out" banner over the Old Trafford Stadium for every home match. Then take a picture of this banner and tweet the image stating #EdWoodwardOut" & #GlazersOut".


With all of these in place, us the Manchester United fans have a dear club that was foundend in 1878 with honour, prestige and dignity. It is now our time to rescue this behemoth of our club and actualize our potential. We need new owners who are willing to re-invest 80%+ revenue into the entire infrastructure; training facilities, stadium extensions, world-class youth facilities and of course a Director of Football!

Send this message to all fans, and let's get our voices heard! #GlazersOut

0 have signed. Let’s get to 200!
At 200 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!