Justice for Shukri Abdi

Justice for Shukri Abdi

2 July 2019
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Manchester Police
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Started by Mr Fendi

Justice for Shukri Abdi

we call for a criminal investigation to be opened into the circumstances surrounding the death of Shukri Abdi and for a criminal prosecution to take place

We want a fair trial in the case where we get fair justice for the murder of Shukri Abdi - we do not want it to be brushed under the carpet like nothing happened- and we want to see appropriate action taken against those who were involved in the murder of Shukri Abdi - Real Justice -

 a fair justice based upon a entire criminal investigation which should be  opened ASAP - and not brushed away like it was 11 months ago

A 12-year-old girl has drowned in the River Irwell in Greater Manchester.

Shukri Abdi was last seen in the river - parts of which are 20ft (6m) deep - off Dunster Road, Bury at 19:55 BST on Thursday.

Greater Manchester Police said it was treating what happened as a "tragic incident" and did not believe there were any suspicious circumstances.

Shukri's family, who live in Bury, said she could not swim and playing by the river was "out of character".

Her uncle, Mustaf Omar, said: "She was a sweet, innocent child. Her mum is absolutely destroyed.

"Everything about it is out of character for her.

"She couldn't swim so she wouldn't even go near the edge."


Shukri, from Somalia, was the eldest of five children and was new to the country, Mr Omar said.

She attended Broad Oak Sports College.

Head teacher Paul Greenhalgh said: "Shukri was a lovely young girl, always smiling, always wanting to please people and work hard.

"She had a beautiful personality and a loving and supportive family.

"Our thoughts and deepest sympathies are now with the family at this time and we will be supporting them and all our children through this difficult period."


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Signatures: 1,171,405Next Goal: 1,500,000
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