Save The Dell Care Home

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The Dell Residential Care home has been open for over 30 years and is currently home to 32 elderly adults, most of which suffer with dementia and all vulnerable.Yesterday (17.09.19) the company who run our home and Manchester City Council met with all staff and family members of residents in our home to inform us they have decided to close us. We have been given 60 days notice of closure bringing us to 29th of November where by the residents family members and social services are expected to re home everyone out of the area.

The Dell is one of the only standing residential homes in the Gorton area and many of our residents are local people having grown up and lived here their entire lives. We, as staff at The Dell are absolutely heartbroken and furious not because we are losing our jobs but because the family we have created here is being torn apart and split up and to make matters worse they want to do this before Christmas.

The Council own the building but say they don't have the money to fund the repairs required. We need everyone to help us by spreading the word and signing this petition to make the council change their minds and keep us open. The local community are already getting behind us and offering their services free of charge we have the media involved and are spreading the word.

At the end of the day this might be an old building but it is still our home. Many of our resident fought for our freedom in the war lets fight to save their home.