Save Sound Control

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Sound Control in Manchester is one of the city's most famous independent venues and a staple of the touring band circuit, but long before that it was a music shop for 40 years. The building has always brought music to the city of Manchester, and you'll either love it because you're a fan who has seen your favourite bands there, are a musician who has played your favourite shows there, or because it afforded you the opportunity to buy instruments and create music.

Recent plans unveiled by Bristol-based FTSE 250 company Unite Students - a company with a net income of £226.4 million in 2016 - show their intention to demolish Sound Control and build a 35-storey student housing complex in its place. What does this complete disregard for the heritage and culture of Manchester say about the greed of enormous companies like Unite Group? Practises like this are dreamed up in boardrooms with the sole intention of feeding shareholders and are then sold to the public under the guise of 'regeneration'. Sound Control finds itself in the thriving, bustling Southern Quarter/Student Quarter -  surrounded by bars, seconds from Oxford Road station, and minutes from Manchester University - which is why Unite Group have identified it as prime real-estate rather than the beating heart of music that it is.

We urge you to sign this petition to show your opposition to these proposed plans, to save the mighty Sound Control, and also to take a stand for music and culture and the importance of it in our communities.

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