Make Our Streets Safer!

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Sara Heddi
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Since 2016 reported cases of sexual harassment has risen by 64%. 

75% rise in cases of stalking and harassment since 2016.

In the same time the number of police officers has been cut by 23%.

Enough is Enough.

On the 21st of February we will be reclaiming the streets to demand the council to commit to making women’s safety on the streets a Priority. 

The University of Manchester Students' Union Calls on Andy Burnham of Manchester City Council to:-

1) Increase the street lighting provisions in Rusholme and Fallowfield.  To also ensure that darker areas that are currently without any street lights are lit up.  We also call for an increased police presence in these areas.

2) Stop the cuts to Women’s shelters and to increase funding for local services that support victims.

3) Do more to increase awareness of where victims can report acts of violence.  We also call on the council to encourage more organisations to become hate crime reporting centres.  We hope to double the number of Third Party Hate Crime Reporting Centres in Manchester by 2020.

Last year the council made the decision to close down the Rape Crisis Unit in Manchester. We believe that the councils response to the decision wasn't adequate enough and we want to see evidence of two things. 

- The first being the update and progress of the plans to redeploy all of the officers into the community and what successes has come from that decision. 

-The second being that since the council cut such a vital service for victims we want to know what it is doing to ensure that the service that victims relied upon is being reinvested in other areas.

As a result we want the council to commit to increase its funding for victim support services in Manchester which as a result of the increased incidents of violence within the areas are leading to longer waiting times within organisations with overstretched staff/services.  If the council is unable to commit to funding we want evidence on what it is doing to support these services that so many citizens of Manchester rely on so much.

Currently in Manchester there are 53 organisations which are registered as Third Party Hate Crime Reporting Centres.  We want to work with the council to encourage more organisations to become accredited and do their bit to put a stop to hate crime in Manchester.  We also want people to be more aware of the services and charities that are available in Manchester that specifically help victims recover from their experiences.  There has been an increased focus on Mental Health in the past year and we think its important that people are aware of where they can get support.

Its time for action.  It’s time for the council to finally make Women’s Safety on the streets a priority.