Remove our Noise Abatement Notice

Remove our Noise Abatement Notice

98,455 have signed. Let’s get to 150,000!
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Started by Ben Smithson

On the 18th of November, Manchester City Council Licensing served Night & Day Café with a Noise Abatement Notice. Manchester City Council (MCC) are threatening to close Night & Day by saying we are a noise nuisance.

Since lockdown and as restrictions have been lifted, we have gradually returned back to what we do – being a small independent live music venue. 

We ask for Manchester City Council Licensing to remove our Noise Abatement Notice and for the Council to address the real issue here which is that housing with ill-considered planning and construction has been approved and built next to a pre-existing live music business. Night & Day is located at 26 Oldham Street. Over the past 15 years, flats have been built or existing buildings converted to flats around us with no real thought or consideration to the pre-existing business, building and what it does.

We also ask not to be labelled us as a ‘nuisance’. We believe we are a real cultural asset to the city of Manchester, the North West and to the UK as a whole. We believe we are a key part of Manchester and are very proud of what we do and have acheived. During lockdown, we were fortunate to receive Arts Council funding for being recognised as a place of cultural significance and also an Expanded Additional Restrictions Grant for Cultural and Entertainment value from Manchester City Council.

Night & Day turned 30 years old in November 2021. Despite us having been served a Noise Abatement Notice several years ago, fighting our position and surviving, despite the venue being shut for the past year and a half due to the pandemic, re-opening again and only just recently getting back to what we do, we’ve now been presented with this new second notice. We are devastated by this action served upon us.

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98,455 have signed. Let’s get to 150,000!