Action on Speeding & Noise Pollution

Action on Speeding & Noise Pollution

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Alice Proctor started this petition to Manchester City Council and

We are residents of Whalley Range, living on York Avenue, Cromwell Avenue & Milton Grove.

For years, speeding has been a dangerous and antisocial problem.

There is a school, a park and many households affected by this ongoing problem. The speeding and revving of engines disturbs residents and their children as well making residents feel unsafe. There have been several incidents of speeding vehicles crashing into property/cars or dangerous driving in one case causing a pedestrian’s foot to be driven over (7th September 2021 2pm.) as well as several residents cats being killed by speeding cars.

Here are some examples:

  • 21st January 2019 - Someone drove a stolen car between Milton Grove and Park Mews, around 3pm (so lots of children around) which is why a bollard was placed there. From what one resident understands there is meant to be a bollard between Milton Grove and the alley way leading to Upper Chorlton Road. Several times the police have been called regarding idling cars dealing drugs at night.
  • 7th May 2021 11pm - A driver was forced off the road by a someone speeding up Cromwell Avenue, on the corner of Cromwell Avenue and Milton Grove (Egerton Road North side). The speeding driver took off without even checking on the situation, and the other driver’s car ended up fully on the pavement, hitting a resident’s gateposts so hard that the whole thing came down.
  • 30th May 2021 6pm – Speeding car crashed into a house causing significant damage
  • Date Unknown – Car undertaken on Edgerton Road North and offending driver sped off. Incident caused the car to be written off. No follow up help from the Police so support was requested.
  • There are daily occurrences of noise pollution. The revving and speeding is incredibly loud and can sometimes go on until 2am during both weekdays and weekends.

Our community must be made safe before a fatal accident occurs. Our community deserves a peaceful place to live.

Many residents feel that the council and police know what is happening but feel hopeless that they will implement any change. The community understands that speed calming is a complicated issue but they also demand that action is taken.

The community have come up with the following list as potential solutions to improve the atmosphere and safety of our community:

  • Speed Bumps
  • Signage denoting speed limits
  • Signage with more personal warnings about school children etc
  • Temporary Police Presence to stop and fine offenders
  • Bollards/Pavement Bollards
  • Speed camera/s

We, the undersigned, demand that Manchester City Council permanently install appropriate speed calming measures and remain in dialogue with the community about the disturbance.

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