We the People, hereby demand the Manatee School Board end the mandatory masks in school


We the People, hereby demand the Manatee School Board end the mandatory masks in school

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Whereas, Gov. DeSantis ended the State Of Emergency for Florida.

AND on April 14th , 2021 The Florida Department of Education Commissioner, Richard Corcoran served each Superintendent of Schools, in the state of Florida with a memorandum titled “Planning for the 2021-2022 School Year”.   Within this memo it’s explained crystal clearly that NOW, right now the face-coverings are of no use. 

     In fact the memo states “, the data shows us that districts' face covering policies do not impact the spread of the virus. Face coverings are a personal decision and certainly families and individuals should maintain their ability to make a decision that is unique to their circumstances. Broad sweeping mandatory face covering policies serve no remaining good at this point in our schools. Mandatory face covering policies inhibit peer-to-peer learning in our classrooms and they may also unintentionally create a barrier for students and families who would otherwise choose in-person instruction if such a policy were not in place. Such policies may also impede instruction in certain cases, especially for students with disabilities and English language learners who benefit from viewing a teacher's face and mouth.”

     This memo was deliberately hidden from Manatee County Citizens prohibiting citizens the opportunity to speak out against this abuse. 

We the People, hereby demand the Manatee County School Board end the mandatory mask/face-covering policy immediately, by emergency vote, on or before May 11th, 2021.  

Please sign up to speak at the school board meeting on May 11th, at 5:30PM 215 Manatee Avenue West Bradenton, FL 34205

You must sign up to speak. Sign-up: To speak in-person or by phone, open the below link for the agenda, then click on the date of the meeting and then click on the sign-up box located at the top of each agenda. Sign-up closes at the start of each session.

Agenda link;  http://manateecountyschoolfl.iqm2.com/Citizens/Default.aspx

To speak at the meeting by phone Dial 1-407-502-8485 and enter the phone conference id number (followed by #). May 11, 2021 Board Meeting – Phone Conference Id: 957 105 256#  .Audio controls press * 6 to mute your line and *6 to unmute

The link to watch the meeting-  https://www.manateeschools.net/Page/3700 or MSTV is Spectrum channel 646 and Frontier channel 39 and live online at MSTV.US

Email your thoughts to: Cynthia Saunders Superintendent at


Link to full Fl Dept of Education memo; http://www.fldoe.org/core/fileparse.php/19861/urlt/OptFacemaskPolicyMemo.pdf



This petition made change with 1,262 supporters!

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