Close Sarasota Schools to provide safety from the Coronavirus

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The Coronavirus has now been reported in the Doctor’s Hospital of Sarasota. A change must be made in order to protect our children. The best way to protect from the spread of this fatal virus would be to cancel classes for a short time, or until the issue has more concrete solutions. 

Schools are dangerous places that are filled with illnesses of all kinds. In a place where everything including desks, lunch tables, door handles, bathrooms, and spaces are shared with thousands of other children, illnesses are quick to victimize even the safest children. It would be most efficient to take children out of schools, where everything is communal. 

In regards to safety outside of the house, (ie. stores, parks...) students will need to practice other forms of safety and sanitize religiously. There is no way to keep students out of daily life, however stopping schooling will help prevent students from being too close to too many infections. Many Coronavirus symptoms go completely unnoticed, if present at all. 

If necessary, schooling could continue through online classes. Although it is an option, there is yet to be a stable reason to provide it.

We need to our together our voices. Please support our petition to save our children and our families.