Managing Hazardous Waste to Stop Environmental Pollution

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Hello, we are currently eighth grade students involved in the Green Academy for Environmental Sciences at Clint Small Middle School in Austin,TX. We are trying to change waste management in Texas to help filter noxious materials from the environment and proximity of natural creatures. 

All across the state, hazardous waste landfills are leaking toxic substances into the surrounding ecosystems and negatively impacting the lives of an innumerable amount of species in both proximal and distant areas. Unfortunately, these pollutants are man made and, even though most of these products were banned in the late nineteen seventies, their molecular qualities don't allow them to absorb well into the natural world. This causes fatal disease among both migratory and local species that encounter these contaminants.

To provide a specific example, the Mexican Free-Tailed bats that reside in Bracken Cave, Austin go on fall and spring migrations to and from Queretaro, Mexico. Along their journey, they encounter several leakage spots that expose them to organochlorine, a banned chemical formerly used in agricultural pesticides. This substance corrupts the fat cells in the bats' bodies which leads to emaciation and on their already heavily taxing migration, the inability to store nutritious fat proves fatal. This is only one of many unfortunate cases of species endangerment onset by chemical leakage. 

Each and every one of these animals plays an important role in the immense biodiversity of Texas and does not deserve to suffer the consequences of our mismanaged landfill system. Please help us protect these animals and the lands that they live on from our deadly mistakes. 

Thank you so much for your time and consciousness in the face of this issue.


Sierra Ecton, Mary Sophia Shakespeare, Jackline Galvan, Olivia Osmund, Emma Taylor, and Madi Wright. 




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