Coles, Woolworths & Aldi Please Change Your Bags To Cotton, Calico, Hemp Or Thick Paper.

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Coles, Woolworths & Aldi, Please replace all courtesy  bags, or bags sold in your stores to either:  Natural Cotton,  Natural Calico, Natural Hemp or  Non coloured Thick Paper. Cotton, calico, hemp, or thick paper will not kill plants or animals if they accidently end up in waterways, creeks, rivers or oceans. The cotton, calico and hemp can be used for decades and can also be repaired and washed. Your stores could also run promotions where charities can print logos onto them or to promote different store locations. I urge you to consider this important issue. Please stop producing plastic bags that ends up in landfill or worse in an innocent animal's stomach which results in a slow death.  Please offer only a natural bag alternative such as cotton, calico, hemp or paper.