BESCOM Power Shock - Protest against proposed tariff increase on electricity

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BESCOM Power Shock

Raise your voice against proposed tariff increase by BESCOM.

Why should we, the citizens, pay for BESCOM’s failure ?

BESCOM has to answer the following questions:
1. When power is available at 3.16rs/unit in open exchange, why are you buying at 4.35rs/unit ? Who is making money here ?

2. BESCOM said they are doubtful of collecting 1173 crores from customers who are not willing to pay. Who are they? Name them. Do they have political protection ?

3. 86,000rs per IP set subsidy is given to more than 10lac farmers that’s around 8,600crores. Who should pay this ? Government or consumers ?

4. In many towns/circles transmission loss is at 25-30 percent where as the fixed limit is at 12.75 percent. Who is stealing our power ?

5. Why has BESCOM diverted thousands of crores to other institutions while facing liquidity crisis within ?

BESCOM has approached KERC to allow them to increase power tariff again this year, which we think is open robbery and injustice to honest citizens.

BESCOM is inefficient, corrupt and incompetent. We, the citizens, can’t pay one paise more for power. If BESCOM increases the power tariff then we will hold mass protest in coming days.

No more power shock from BESCOM. Let’s fight this injustice.

To join the movement please contact - 91089 15444‬

Anil Shetty
Honest Consumer on behalf of fellow citizens