M​.Manson,BTS,V​ille Valo,S​.King,Eminem,J​.​Morgan,D​.​Garrett in Anime-Legend Epos V.

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Hello everybody!

Today I want to introduce you to my first anime - Legend Epos V. And prototypes for this anime, I would like to make a very brilliant and charismatic celebrities-Marilyn Manson,Ville Valo,Stephen King,Eminem,Joseph Morgan and David Garrett

This is - Marilyn Manson: His prototype - the Vampire King of This World, The fifth incarnation of Baphomet. Nobody knows his name. He calls himself - V.

His name - The Secret.

His name - The  Mystery.

His name…. has become a curse to the this  world.

V fifth century of  fantastic world ...

V The fifth incarnation of Baphomet ... in the heart of the one who calls himself ... V ..

He is a master of Red Moon ...

He is Lord of the Planet - Earth ....

One only his name - inspire fear and horror ..

He has thousands of masks, but only one is able to protect him from the sun ...

His knights - Dark Shadows, collecting souls of ... .For his master ...

He -  is the Power ...

He - is the embodiment of Evil ...

He has no equal ...

But is there in his world who can resist him?

Someone .... whose blood healing kills him?

Who would dare to fight in a fierce battle with the V, whose body took BAPHOMET?

Is there a chance to become again the man, whose mind controls the darkness ....

Is there a chance to become a man, whose transformation into a man, foretells just a ... Death ....

The group of BTS-7 Korean Princes, who conquered this world with their music and beauty!
Every prince has his element and strength!

Rap Monster-Prince Rocks and Mountains!
He is strong and fast! His Coat of Arms- is Lion in a crown! It reflects his power! He is endowed with the skills of quick reading and memorization! Everything for which he is taken from him comes out — brilliantly!
He is the main Prince in the BTS group! Who always makes important decisions and protects other participants!

J-Hope-Prince of Animals and Trees! He is kind and honest! His Coat of Arms is the White Wolf in the heart!
He always listens and helps people! He is courageous, like a knight, and always comes to the aid of his brothers from Bts!
He is known for his good deeds for the whole world!
His heart is beautiful!

V-Cold Prince of Winter!
He is proud and aristocratic! His Emblem is an Ice Rose and a tear!
He is endowed with a unique mind and originality! His ideas and actions delight and inspire other people! He is ahead of fashion and innovation!
He gives new items and food for the mind for all the guys from Bts!
He is bright and unusual, but the same prickly, like his Rose on the coat of arms!

Jungkook is the Prince of Fire! He is handsome and sexy! His Coat of Arms is Fire and the Black Panther ! He has a flexible body and unshakable will power! His movements are fast and graceful, like his Panther! He is in love with the dances and beauty of this world! Thanks to him all Bts participants are famous for their special style in dances and movements! At the same time, he is very modest and never ascribes to himself these merits.

Jimin-Prince of Clouds and Sky! He is innocent and shy! His Coat of Arms is an Angel in the rays of Light! He is known for his charm and hard work!
The most plastic, gentle and dear participant in the group! He brings Light and Joy! The Prince always fills his brothers with a warm aura if they are ill! He is endowed with the ability to understand the language of all living and not living beings! When they are sad, he gives them joy and positive !
He is like the sun that shines for all!

Jin-Prince of Flowers!
His coat of arms is the White Dog Соб and orchid! He is passionate and a wonderful chef! The Prince is endowed with charm and charisma! He makes a wonderful impression on people! He has no equal in cooking the most complex and sophisticated dishes.
When he cooks, all the princes come running to him and cannot take their eyes off him! He is like God who created this world! All his movements are movements of the creator and real artist!
About his dishes and smile, dream in all kingdoms!

Suga-Prince of the Wind, Dreams and Birds! The mystery prince! The secret prince! His Coat of arms - the Black Swan and the moon! The most mystical member of the Bts group! He can fly like a bird and speaks different languages ​​of the world!
All members of the Bts group admire his sense of purpose and strong character! He never gives up and makes others believe in their dream when people are desperate and ready to give up.
That is why all the people of the kingdoms are waiting for him in their dreams, so that he can save them from sadness and give them faith in the best!
His sweet voice captivates and charms all the girls of the planet Saturnalia!

Ville Valo: His prototype - Black Raven - Harbinger of Death. He is the Prince of the Kingdom of The Dark Side of the Moon. He is - a collector of souls ... but his soul has long been dead. The only thing he wants ... to overthrow the King V from the throne and become the most powerful king of the world. But will he be able to break the oath, which he once gave to him? King V, has saved his brother - Veelzebub, and made him a collector of souls, in exchange for eternal devotion and supply of souls for him ...


Joseph Morgan: His prototype - Historian and the King of All Pirates. He can not live without adventures and dangers. His faithful friend and beloved  - Elizabeth Hart, which he wants to help uncover the mystery the manuscript. But, while being very gallant, a true gentleman and a Don Juan, he is very popular among young girls and women. Because of what, sometimes gets into various funny situations from which it is difficult to get out sometimes, even if he was -  the King of England. But luck is always on his side. And for him nothing is impossible.


Stephen King: His prototype - The powerful magician in the world - Vin Necronomicon.

His name is - Death. His name is - Fear.

A long time ago, he was a human, a talented magician. But one day, at the bedside of his beloved who died, he is to meet face to face with death. With pain and loss, he acquired the ability to see, what have not seen anybody ... even the King V.

Death took possession of his body and he died. His body instantly withered, and from him there was only a skeleton.

He could hear ... he could see and feel .... but .. he was dead.

He spent more than 20 years in prison. His ashes thrown into a dark abyss. He was charged with the murder of his beloved Queen ...... Knowing that he possessed a black power, his remains were 24 hours a day under the protection of the most powerful army of the Kingdom. Only some time later, he learned to recreate his flesh and appearance ... He broke loose, killing all the guards that were guarding him.

Death gave him - himself. He acquired force which had not previously owned. He could - Everything! And now he wanted only one thing - to find the murderer of his Queen! Find the murderer of his beloved, and become King of this world!


Eminem: His prototype - Brother of Black Raven, the New King of All Vampires. One day, his brother Black Raven - Velial, took him to the Kingdom of V. Veelzebub was dying from hemophilia, and in exchange for his life, brother agreed to give all that he has. The King V agreed to it, is made of  Velial - Black Raven-gatherer souls and Veelzebub returned to life by means of his own blood. But taking blood of V, Veelzebub must give a word what will be the new king of all vampires, and eventually the King of the world. Veelzebub vowed  and had drunk his blood ... But rebirth made him other ...From the honest and noble prince, he turned into a monster ... Every night, his army was forced to lead the most beautiful girls that were in the Kingdom The Dark Side of the moon ... and the New King of All Vampires ... they took off their skin alive ... He drank their blood and drank their souls ... while gaining greater power ...

He wanted power more than ever before became the King of the Vampires ... But the King V, was in no hurry to give him his crown and power. Speaking at the same time, that it will take thousands of years before he learns to control his body and mind.

But will the King V to stop the one who had drunk his blood and was endowed with almost the same force as he?


David Garrett: His prototype -White King of All Dragons - Veltis.

In his chest beats the heart of the White Dragon. According to legend, he -White Dragon creator of all dragons. Darkness enveloped the hearts of all the dragons, white dragon was captured by the most powerful witch ... Will he be able to resist evil? After all, even his heart beats only with the help of black magic ... His soul belongs to the devil.

Only the dark violin with voice of the Roman goddess - Diana is able to relieve his pain ... which breaks it from the inside .... her vocal cords - the strings of a violin. The goddess was imprisoned in the violin for the consolation the White Dragon. But as soon as her voice trails off. He feels terrible pain in his heart. And there's only one way to get rid of the pain ... to seize power and  force of the  King V.

If you are also, as I, want to see these stars are prototypes of my anime sign this petition tell about it to your friends and acquaintances. And we will have a great chance to draw attention -Marilyn Manson, Ville Valo, Joseph Morgan, Stephen King, Eminem, David Garrett.

Genres Anime Legend Epos V - Adventure, Mystery, Romance, Fantasy (such as history - Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, Game of Thrones), Therefore, even if you are not a fan of - Marilyn Manson, Ville Valo, Joseph Morgan, Stephen King, Eminem, David Garrett, but you really like anime and the genres listed above-sign this petition!

My studio was founded recently, and while about it, few people know, so if I send an offer of cooperation to the managers and agents of famous personalities, they probably-not respond to these emails. But if we gather with you at least a thousand signatures in this petition - it has a great chance at dialogue with managers of the stars, get their attention.

What happens after a petition of thousands of signatures will dial?

I will send the proposal on cooperation stars, with my animation studio, contact the manager, agents for a more detailed discussion of all the issues and nuances. When I send offers of cooperation, I will write a link with this petition. This is a huge plus, when they see that people are interested in having their favorite artists became prototypes of the anime characters. As soon as I send suggestions - I will make a video where you can see more detailed information about it. My videos you can always find on my YouTube channel - Dana Charuttu.

If one of the managers of artists will respond to my offer-you will also learn about this from the video shown in my channel.

I thank in advance all those who signed this petition!

I hope, we will succeed with you, and we will see our favorite artists in anime- Legend Epos V.

PS- To the strongest, who read this petition to end!

Start of my book, of which will be made the anime, you can read and download on these links –

English- https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B2HRM3_3wOhnQ1l0TWlxMk1mZEU/view?usp=sharing

Russian- https://drive.google.com/open?id=16G0XSP-J5KvBcu3fz6zdwsKCEE5G8lye

Partly annotation of the history.

 England. London. 18 Century. In the house of the young historian - Elizabeth Hart, came the famous and the elder - lady Rochester.

She has asked the historian to translate old manuscript, which had previously not been able to translate all historians in the world.

By putting a book on her desk, she went away, promising at the same time generously reward her and ensure her future, provided that she able to translate the book.

When she opened the old manuscript, she saw ... empty pages ..

In the book there was not one word .. not one single letter ...

Only its Bookcover was decorated with gold flowers of sakura ...

And in the flowers figure, spiked a blackthorn written only one letter - «V».

By studying the book all day, and Elizabeth did not notice that night came ..

The clock in her office struck midnight ...

And she fell asleep ...

In the dream she saw ... a beautiful girl ... which lies in flowers of the dark scarlet shades ...

... Red Sun illuminates her body and she notices, that the flowers absorb her  .. trying to drink her blood ...

Above the red sun, black raven soars ...

In his eyes reflected ... death ...

Dark Scarlet flowers, immersed its fangs into her flesh ...

Their branches with thorns envelop her mind and will ...

In the rays of the red sun ... she disappears ...

In the eyes of black raven ... Triumph ...

She hears the clock strikes….

Elizabeth Hart wakes up in her office, surrounded by fire.

In a panic, she was ran out into the street, forgetting about valuable book ... that was lying next to her ..and trying to call for help ...

But the whole city of London - is empty ... there are no living beings ..

Only the black raven is circling above her head ...

Wherever she went ... it follows her ...

She does not hear her scream ... and feels no pain from the burns, which remained on her hands when she escaped ,from the fire that engulfed her whole house ...

She tries to to run away ... but she turns out again and again at the door of her house in the fire ..

The bright glare illuminate the staircase of her house, and she sees the book ...

The book is on fire, near the main door of her house.

But the book is not touched by the fire ...

It is intact, like in the same day when the lady Rochester brought it

When she opens the book ... she sees, what in the first nine pages of it appeared strange symbols and hieroglyphs ..

Every written page is topped with beautiful flowers and drawings ...

On the last page, she sees a map, painted in red ink, like all text, and patterns of the book ...

Suddenly, is extinguished the fire in her house ...

Disappears the moon ... and the sun also rises..

She stands in front of her house and past Elizabeth people are passing ...

Trying to find out what had happened, she was going,  takes the book and went to the estate of Lady Rochester.

But at the sight of Elizabeth, Lady Rochester pretends that never seen nor Elizabeth, nor the book itself.

Desperate find out anything, Elizabeth sends a letter to her faithful friend, the historian, too - Vincent Morgan, who recently lost his father - the famous Captain and the King of All Pirates - Jack Morgan, and inherited from his father the piratical title - The King of Pirates. He gladly decides to help her, because for a long time in love with Elizabeth.

By studying the symbols and hieroglyphs, they come to the conclusion that they belong to the era of ancient Japan.

Together, they set off on an expedition to uncover the secret of an ancient manuscript.

But whether they can do it, because the book want to take a few more people who are willing to do anything to get it ... even able to  kill

About what this manuscript? And what secrets it preserves? Who wrote it? And how many countries will have to visit historians  Elizabeth Hart and Vincent Morgan, before finding the answers?

The answer is close ..

Thank you very much for your attention.

With respect to you, Dana Charuttu.