Correct the Name - from Yeshu to Yeshua - Ancient Galilee Boat Display

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The Display

Millions of tourists flood into Israel each year to see the Holy Land. One of the special sites to visit is the Ancient Galilee Boat display at the Nof Alon Tourist Center. There you can see an amazing relic of history - a fisherman's boat approximately 2,000 years old. The display for the ancient boat poses some theories about who might have sailed in this amazing well-preserved wooden boat. One of the questions is whether or not Jesus and His disciples sailed in it.

The Problem

The portion of the narrative referencing Jesus is displayed in both English and in Hebrew text. Unfortunately, the translation for His name is incorrect. In Hebrew, the name for Jesus is Yeshua. However, the Hebrew text reads "Yeshu." Why is this problematic?

  1. The name "Yeshu" is historically inaccurate. In order for the Ancient Galilee Boat to be educational, it must be historically accurate.
  2. The name "Yeshu" is an acronym for "Yimmach Shemo Ve-zikro" which translates into "may his name and memory be blotted out." It is an insult to the name and reputation of Yeshua.

The Solution

To continue to draw tourists to this museum, we respectfully request that changes be made so that Yeshua (Jesus) is not insulted. Many of the tourists dollars that pour into the gallery are from people who would potentially be indignant to discover that the man they hold in such high regard, indeed the most famous Jewish man to ever live, was being cursed in the writings they pay to see.

Taking Action

As such, we respectfully request the following:

1. All references to "Yeshu" or "ישו"be removed from all displays at the Ancient Galilee Boat display (wall display, website, brochures/pamphlets/written media, materials for purchase, etc.).

2. The Hebrew name Yeshua be written as any of the following: ישוע or יהושע or יהושוע when written in the Hebrew language.

3. The English rendition of the name "Jesus" be corrected to "Yeshua ('Jesus')" for historical accuracy.

An Added Benefit

As you can see from the video, the wall display is already in disrepair and is in need of refurbishment. As discussed in summer of 2018 with management of the Ancient Galilee Boat, the intention of this petition organizer is to rally its signers to finance the renovation / restoration (including the aforementioned name changes) so that the renovation is a blessing to the gallery, not a financial burden.

Important notes to petition signers:

1. An opportunity for giving will occur at a later date. Please do NOT financially donate to this project until  the approval has come from the Minister of Antiquities to do the requested renovation otherwise, there is NO way we can guarantee the money will be used for the desired purpose.

2. If you desire to leave a comment, please make sure it is full of grace and love - full of the fruit of the Spirit - otherwise it is subject to deletion. Please be a good representative.

Thank you for reading, signing and sharing!