Begin the transfer of the HOA over to the homeowners of Canterbury Farms.

Begin the transfer of the HOA over to the homeowners of Canterbury Farms.

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Residents of Canterbury Farms (Grovetown, GA) started this petition to and

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The welcoming appeal of our once lovely neighborhood, Canterbury Farms, has deteriorated to the point that it is almost an embarrassment. Managed by CMA, we have experienced a decline in services over the last several years as the neighborhood moves towards construction completion. We kept for some reason the same landscaping company for several years. When their services were not up to par, we were switched to another company with sub-par services as well. Even though last summer, numerous complaints were raised about them, including the 6 foot weeds that grew along the main road near the back of the neighborhood. For some reason, even though it was originally allocated on the budget, no pine straw was put out throughout the neighborhood. To this day, many spots still lay bare or have a very thin layer applied. In some parts of the neighborhood, no pine straw has been placed in over 2 years, despite this being a line item that we pay for. The lovely vibe when you come into some areas of the neighborhood has been lost. We look neglected despite paying our annual maintenance dues. On my street entrance in particular, we still have no flowers, no bushes, no pine straw... just an abundance of weeds. The flower beds were planted in front of several other neighborhoods within Canterbury Farms only to be neglected and overtaken by weeds. At just about every entrance in our neighborhood, there are rampant weeds, no lights, and little to no real care towards the “appeal” of the entrance.

Our entrance is now in a state of neglect. The American flag, needs have a dedicated spotlight on it, the street light does not count.  The Georgia flag that you see when entering our neighborhood is still torn up after several months of complaints. The Meybohm Realtors flag is all torn up when entering the neighborhood, of the several welcome signs when entering the neighborhood, 2 have been on the ground for months. All of these issues have been sent to the homeowners association, and have yet to resolved.

Numerous complaints have been raised about our pool area. It is running rampant with weeds, has grass growing out of the cracks in the concrete, and broken tiles. It was once a lovely pool but it is now an eyesore with all the things that need repair.

Proceeding back into the neighborhood, continuing down the spine road, visitors and residents notice the sparsely laid pine straw with massive weeds protruding through. Numerous issues have been raised about the lightning issues down the spine road, and at the annual meeting, it was noted that we do have funds to correct this issues, but yet nothing has been set in motion. Coming up to the old Winchester model home, where the Ivey homes end, you can see a drastic drop off in the care and upkeep of the landscaping.

When we moved in 2 years ago, I thought it was simply growing pains, but it seems that whoever is over the “development”, simply doesn’t care about our neighborhood. This is immediately apparently by the torn up red flags that are supposed to welcome future residents to our neighborhood, followed by even more welcome signs that have been laying on the ground for months. Looking to the right side of the road, visitors can see a retention pond that apparently we are paying for according to our 2019 budget that has had a broken gate that was laying on the ground for months. The retention pond near the Brantley Cover entrance has a massive, gaping hole, that is a huge safety hazard and easily seen from the road when driving by. If the retention ponds were being maintained like they are supposed to be, this would not have to be addressed.

All of these issues have been raised to the HOA, and I was even contacted by the manager of the landscaping company, but yet they have not been taken care of at all. The only issue that was addressed, was them taking zip ties to hold the gate back up. That is a subpar fix for the 2K dollars that is budgeted for retention pond maintenance per month.

This past month, we were notified that the landscaping company had a broken truck, and that is reason they haven’t been in the neighborhood all month. Does this mean that our monthly landscaping budget bought them a new vehicle since it wasn’t applied to landscaping?

This past Christmas, out of all the communities in Augusta, I am pretty sure we were one of the few that did not have out Christmas decorations, even though the HOA was contacted about this several times. Nothing was done. I have had numerous residents in the neighborhood reach out about issues they have with the HOA, like not returning phone calls, no returning emails, and not addressing concerns. I can vouch for this, as I had to write the HOA several times over a month’s timeframe to get in contact with them regarding our landscaping. The manager of landscaping company wrote me and told me that everything would be addressed before Master’s week, the landscaping should be maintained year round, that is what we pay for. Again, nothing has been done.

At the annual meeting, it was brought up that committees would be formed to help with the transition over to our residents, which has yet to happen. It was also brought up in our annual meeting that the gravel culdesacs would be paved. Instead, they have simply become mud pits with trash.

Our community has a large military presence, and with our current state, it has become extremely difficult to sell homes when the curb and street appeal looks the way it does. Take for instance the Ivey model homes, which have been on the market for months and months, maybe the poor state of the neighborhood has something to do with that? The past several months have brought on the sentiment within the community that the developers simply don’t care about Canterbury Farms anymore, which is apparent in our current state.

The residents of Canterbury Farms would like some transparency when it comes to how our funds are being spent beyond the annual budget we are given. It seems a little suspect when the monthly budget statements for the year are uploaded the day of the annual meeting, they should be posted every month so we can track how the funds are being utilized. We would also like our HOA, Community Management Associates (CMA), to hold the companies that our community has contracts with accountable. Excuses involving thousands of dollars is just not right. We have two reputable landscaping companies in our neighborhood that have voiced that they want the contract. If our residents support it, they should be given the opportunity to bid on the contract, and we, as the residents living in this neighborhood every day, should have final say so on who gets that contract. We would also like the promised committees formed, so that we can begin the transition over to the residents of the neighborhood, who actually care about our neighborhood. The residents of Canterbury Farms want the look and feel of the neighborhood to get back to the way it was, and reflect the 37K that has been allocated towards landscaping per our 2019 budget. We welcome a formal meeting to meet and talk about our neighborhood issues, and the way forward.

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I am very passionate about this neighborhood, this is where I bought my first home in order to start my little family. I moved in 2 years ago and things have been going downhill ever since the neighborhood buildouts began to closeout and I would like to see things get back the way they are. I have been in contact with many residents throughout our neighborhood who have voiced some of the same concerns that I have had, as well as some new ones that were brought to my attention. I want to see things change in this neighborhood, and I feel like this is a great first step in the right direction.  Please sign this petition so we can let our voices be heard and start making some change.  Thank you for the support! 

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