G​.​D​.​Goenka Public School, Gurgaon - Please reconsider Fees hike at this difficult time

G​.​D​.​Goenka Public School, Gurgaon - Please reconsider Fees hike at this difficult time

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Nishu Jain started this petition to Management team of G.D.Goenka Public School

Dear GDGPS, 

Today we got a reminder from your ERP system to pay the fees for the first quarter of the next Academic year. Thanks a lot for the reminder. 

The note which came along with the reminder also mentioned that the school has planned for a 6.5% hike in School fees and 5% hike in Transportation charges. While the note did mention that these revised charges are not applied for the first quarter, it also mentions that this rebate might be charged back to us in the second quarter. 

We wanted to draw your attention towards few points in this regard:-

1. Entire world is really going through a difficult time due to Global impact of Coronavirus and the global economy has already started moving into recession.

2. Situation in India might be stable right now but things are expected to peak anywhere between the end of April to the end of May (Reference - John Hopkins report on COVID19 for India)

3. Next 2-3 months are going to be really uncertain for India as there might be major spikes in the number of people getting infected with the Virus. 

4. If the lock-down continues the way it is right now (which is expected to continue for at least 30-45 days), Indian economy will struggle to cope up with the same and will definitely slip into a recession. Also, it is unlikely that India would be able to Quarantine itself from the Global recession which has already started. 

5. With our economy in recession, we can definitely expect thousands (if not lakhs) of people to lose their job / source of income. People who are currently living comfortably because of their secured job will probably struggle to survive as either their employer would reduce salaries or they would end up losing their job. 

6. Already a lot of companies have announced pay cuts to their employees and they are now re-negotiating every possible contract - From rent to server cost to housekeeping - Everything now needs to be re-negotiated. 

7. In such a critical time, it is really unfortunate to see the school still thinking about their own profits without considering the impact of this increase on the lives of parents. 

8. Also, if the country is under lock-down, the overall overheads of school are dropping as the kids are now at home. Their electricity cost / staff cost / generator cost / bus running cost will now be close to zero. Schools would probably be the last piece of our civilization to come back to normalcy when things improve. So we can expect schools to be closed for largely the entire quarter. 

9. Given the above scenario, it would have been fair on the part of the school to actually reduce fees for the parents instead of asking for a fees increase. We would go to the extent of saying that the school should consider “Zero Fees” for the quarter. 

10. Finally, when the lock-down was announced, we had expected that GDGPS would also follow other schools and would use technology to educate our kids. We were expecting the school to start classes through video conferencing (Zoom) like some of the other schools have done. But unfortunately what we get is some worksheets through the ERP system. By the way, I hope the school understands that the current education process that they have started through the ERP doesn't have any feedback loop to it. So it's really not helpful. 

With the above context, it comes out clearly that the Fees increase planned by GDGPS is not only inhumane but also it smells of opportunistic Profiteering by the school. 

We request you to please roll back the school fees hike. Also, we expect you to stand with the parents in this difficult time and expect you to waive off the fees for the first quarter. 

Look forward to your response on the same. 


Parents of Students @ G.D.Goenka Public School, Gurgaon 

0 have signed. Let’s get to 15,000!
At 15,000 signatures, this petition becomes one of the top signed on Change.org!