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Please do not kick out people with a disability to make more room for water aerobics!

My name is Gloria.  I have a 24 year old son, Greig, who has a severe physical and mental disability.  Just one of a few things he CAN do and enjoy is swimming.  Yesterday he along with other people with a disability were told that they cannot use the pool on Tuesday mornings.  They have been going there for over a year on a Tuesday morning.  A lot of work like  sourcing places, staff, transport etc goes into planning the day of a person with a disability so unfortunately they are not able to just show up at a different time.  With the many challenges we face Greig looked forward to his swim on a tuesday morning and so did the others, now that's been taken away.  WaterMarc have not been kind or helpful.  A staff even mentioned that the people with a disability are a distraction!  I would have thought a very large group of water aerobics with music etc would be more of a distraction to anyone around.  Also a lot of money was spent building this facility for everyone, able and disabled.  Staff do not monitor the change room that was specifically built for people in a wheelchair and people with a disability.  Some able bodied people who are lazy to walk a few extra feet use this change room and people with a disability are left waiting for upto half an hour for the change room.  Come on  WaterMarc, change your attitude and show some duty of care.  Please do not throw out our disabled people just so you can make more $$$$$!

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