Your Voice against the curtailing of student freedom in PICT

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PICT needs a new breath of life!

We, the students of PICT, have been leading an oppressed life until now. There are a handful of events that are organised in PICT every year. Extra curricular are as important as academics in a student's life. But sadly the popularity and involvement in these events has been going down drastically due to the unwillingness and interfering resistance of the PICT Management. We students have been trying to adjust to this inhibiting atmosphere for too long now.

Not Anymore! 

The management considers any event that is organised in the college for the enjoyment of students to have a harmful effect on them. This gross generalization is based on a lone event that happened with the past batch. This is very unfair to us and the future batches. College life is supposed to be shape our personality. But this interference by the management has made college life very distressing and monotonous. 

So, we the students of PICT, are going to take a stand on this issue and we are going to boycott all the future events indefinitely that take place in PICT such as Addiction, InC, Credenz, Scientia etc. There will be no involvement of students in these events in any respect such as volunteering, organizing and participation. As the management considers certain group events to be a breeding ground for malpractices, this policy must be adopted for all events, be it technical or cultural. 

The students of PICT need to stand together to make this boycott successful. This is the only way in which we can get the management to consider our demands. So lets start a revolution today to cut off the management leash and to make the student life @PICT much more happening and enjoyable.