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Make Wisdom World School, Wakad Safer for Students

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The recent events in Gurgaon & Delhi throws light on how simple it is for anyone to enter schools and target kids. We place a lot of trust on the schools to provide safety, however it is a fact often neglected and no proofs are available with parents as to what actions schools have taken to make school secure. 

Regarding Wisdom World School, Wakad, there are a few glaring security lapses that must be fixed to ensure security for students. 


  1. The auto stand right outside school. The auto stand is a bee hive for men loitering outside the school, and provides a safe cover to anyone who wishes to stand and observe outside the school. 
  2. The pan-shop: Again, the pan-shop provides a safe avenue for anyone to venture outside the school without being questioned on his motives. It has been very often observed that as soon as the school gets over, a group of men (3-4) sit on the stone slab near the pan shop, and leer at the girls. It is not idle curiosity of looking at students, but the look is more of a stalker. This adds risk of eve-teasing which many girls might be fearful to report. This is a huge red flag and absolutely not an acceptable behaviour when so many young students walk to their buses. 
  3. Bus parking: It is appalling how students have to walk to their buses parked on the road without supervision of any security or teachers. For the buses parked at the rear, students as young as 6 years (Std 1) have to walk upto 200 meters to reach their buses parked on the road.  

We parents put full faith in school for providing security, but it seems there are some more steps needed to make sure the students are safer. Since the transport coordinator has a tie-up with school, it becomes school’s responsibility to enforce action on the transport coordinator to bring the changes. Otherwise the parents’ requests to transport will go on deaf ears. 

Action required from school management:

  1. Work with traffic department and shift auto stand to the right side of the school (after the entry of Park Street).
  2. Work with traffic department and shift pan-shop to the right side of the school (after the entry of Park Street).
  3. Police verification of all staff working with school.
  4. Get clearance of parking of school buses inside Park Street Society. 
  5. Have a security guard standing for monitoring students getting into and alighting from school buses.
  6. Have a security guard remove any loitering men outside the school during the time of students alighting or getting into school buses. 
  7. Installation of CCTV cameras across all locations inside school premises and at the entry gate. 
  8. Installation of CCTV cameras in all school buses. Ironically, the transport coordinator quotes that GPS facility is mandatory as per RTO regulations (and charges Rs 75/- per student per month for this unreliable service). While he neglects the Supreme Court's order on CCTV cameras inside school buses (read Latest Additions section in:  )
  9. Have a separate toilet for school supporting staff and students. 
  10. Provide a safety report to parents on the action taken to make school safer. 

Parents of WWS, Wakad, please sign this petition so that we can ensure a safer environment for our kids. Safety is often ignored until the need arises. Let the need not arise and let us be precautionary beforehand for a healthier environment for kids.


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