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Management of Wakf Proprties in Our Nation

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Dear friends, 

A huge number of properties like land and buildings situated in our Contury.   To manage these properties ,a system of management is developed under the provisions of wakf Act by which the concerning state Wakf board do the job.The construction /formation or creation of this Wakf board ,is made by a faulty Election procedure.

I want to file a writ of Mandamus in the Houn 'ble Supreme Court of India. 

We demand for a  "change in the procedure of this election/ formation/ construction or creation of wakt board". 

We demand that " There should be Electoral Colleges  of Muslim Advocate/MuslimDoctors/ Muslimengineers/ scholars of Muslim Law/ muslim MP/MuslimMLA's/Muslims Elected in Local self govt videos/panchayat etc.,Mutwaalies and Managers of muslim institutions /Muslims who gives donation up to a limit fixed by the law and muslims who pay for a fixed membership fee and from each college a number of persons shall be Elected. Further these Elected members choose a sub Commetty between themselves to form a GOVERNING Body which may be called WAKF BOARD.

In this way every muslim gets a participation in The Management of Wakf Properties.

We also demand that there should be no Nomination except a senior law officer in Wakf board. The Election of Wakf board shall be like the Election of Shiromani Gurudwara Prabandhak Commetty, and every muslim  shall have a right to participate in the Election of Wakf board.


 M Mushtaq Joiya Advocate

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