Freedom for Seniors at the Heimstead Lodge

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Without Prejudice,

To the Management of the Heimstead Lodge and Boreal Housing Board,

We are very troubled by the ongoing restriction and frustrations that we as families continue to face in visiting our parents and other family members. We ask that you be considerate and reasonable as you review our request. This is for the well being and emotional needs for the residents in the Heimstead Lodge.

Our requests are as follows:

1.) The designates be granted permission to take their loved ones to a low risk home for the day or for a drive to get a breath of fresh air WITHOUT residents having to quarantine 14 days when they return. Follow AHS guidelines:

2.) Everyone who passes screening should be entitled to go visit their loved ones in the lodge as stated in the AHS guidelines. (Not just the designates as the “in house rules” are right now)
Family should be allowed to visit without a set appointment. 

3.) Residents need singing in the Lodge. It is for their mental well-being and a form of worship. Connecting via technology is foreign to many of the residents and contrary to their beliefs. Their beliefs and traditions must be appreciated and respected the same as we do with other cultures in the area.

Our seniors have worked very hard to pave the way for us; they and the community have built this facility to meet the cultural and spiritual needs of the residents. 

We want to trust the Boreal board and senior management to have the best interest in protecting its residents from Covid19.  Our expectations are that the Boreal Board and their senior management at this facility treat us with the same trust and respect they expect from us. Many of us find it difficult to communicate with senior management and the inconsistent messages we get from them.

Here are a few heart wrenching quotes from seniors who reside in the Heimstaed Lodge in La Crete.

“I’m locked up like a hard criminal. My only crime is that I got old.”
“I’d rather die of Covid than from loneliness.”

Locking them up for their protection is cruel and inhumane; no one should have to suffer through this for so long.

We the undersigned cannot handle all the additional rules anymore;  please show empathy and compassion to your residents and their families during this Christmas season. None of us want to carry the burden of being denied a visit with our elderly loved ones. For some it could be the last Christmas with family, let’s not take that away from anyone.