St. Brendan's College Coat Reform 2021

St. Brendan's College Coat Reform 2021

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Management Of St. Brendan's College

Why this petition matters

Started by Oisin Fitzgerald

In this petition, I would like to bring forward the idea that School coats should be abolished in St. Brendan's College. This is for a number of reasons which I will list below.

  • School coats are Heavy and Uncomfortable - From research done, I have found that the school coat is too heavy. No matter the outside temperature the school coat is still makes people too warm.
  • School coats suppress creativity - The school coat makes everyone conform to one idea and gets rid of a persons sense of individuality
  • The idea isn't new - From a personal view, I have noticed that other schools across Kerry and across the country allow students to wear their own form of coat or jacket over their school uniforms.
  • The cost for parents - Not every student and their parents have the availability of being able to purchase a school jacket. Enough money is already spent on books and the understandably mandatory uniform. I believe and my peers would agree that there is no need to have to purchase additional items of clothing that somebody already has at home.  

These reasons are just an extract from the list of reasons as to why the school jacket should be abolished.

As for solutions to this issue:

  • A total reform of the school coat - a cheaper, more stylish version of the school jacket.


  • An abolishment of the coat completely which, from research, would be the preferred option among students.

The pros to this would include an increase of moral among students, inspiring some creativity among other subjects and most importantly a sense of individualism which I believe is important for everyone to have.

I hope that the Board of Management can take my and my peers ideas on board from this petition and move forward as a group to a common understanding.

Thank you,

Students of 3rd year, St. Brendan's College.

48 have signed. Let’s get to 50!