Give Wellesley Student Apartments (WSA) a Dog!

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We, the residents of Wellesley Student Apartments, deeply believe that the apartments need a resident dog. Studies have found that pet ownership can have a positive impact on mental health (Islam & Towell, 2013). This dog would help to relieve stress, minimise homesickness, and bring people together. It would also result in a more rewarding workplace for all the dog-loving staff that work in the building. 

Additionally, if management decided to adopt this dog from the SPCA, it would give a home to a dog in desperate need. The Wellesley Student Apartments are conveniently located close to at least two notable dog-friendly parks and there are plenty of responsible residents who would be more than willing to take the dog on walks in these parks. This, combined with the generous amount of love and attention the residents would provide, would give the dog an opportunity to live a long and happy life.  

We ask management to seriously consider our request as we truly believe it will have a positive impact on the health and wellbeing of all residents at WSA.


Islam, A., & Towell, T. (2013). Cat and Dog Companionship and Well-being: A Systematic Review. International Journal of Applied Psychology, 3(6), 149-155.