Management Change at KRCL 90.9 FM Radio in Salt Lake City


Management Change at KRCL 90.9 FM Radio in Salt Lake City

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Steven Sheffield started this petition to Chair, Board of Trustees, KRCL Radio Chip Luman and

It's no secret that I've been critical of the way that KRCL 90.9 FM has been programmed and run over the past several years since the Board of Trustees hired on Vicki Mann as station manager in early 2012.

Since that time, I, and many other listeners and supporters believe that the station has declined immensely in the quality of the music being played during the weekday programming hours. Whether or not this is all the fault of Ms. Mann, I cannot say with certainty, but it is my belief that the buck stops with Ms. Mann as the station manager, as well as with any other members of the management team below her, including the program and music directors or anyone acting in that capacity.

I started a petition here on about 5 years ago, and have been vocal with my criticism since that time, while still continuing to give my financial support to the station.

In early April, I sent a letter to the Board of Trustees to try and enlist their aid in turning things around. Thus far, nothing has happened except for the resignation of the station's most popular DJ, who is also their largest on-air fundraiser.

I am cancelling my current pledge. I urge others who feel the same way that I do to do the same. If you are unhappy with the direction that the station has been going, then why should you continue to financially support the station?

It seems that the only tool that we have at our disposal is our dollars. If you are an underwriter, know an underwriter, or patronize the business of an underwriter, I urge you to cancel your support, let the underwriters know how you feel, and urge them to reconsider their financial support as well.

In my personal opinion, the station management has successfully drained all the lifeblood out of the station. Perhaps it is now time to either put the station out of its misery, or to pressure the Board to do whatever is necessary to revive the station by cleaning house amongst the station management, starting with the immediate replacement of all members of the active day-to-day management team at KRCL.

It may be too late to convince Brad to stay on at the station ... and that's okay. It's not about Brad, it's about the station making a connection to the community; and the last thread tying many people to the station has just been cut.

To read a copy of the letter I sent in early April, please click the link below.

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And please contact the station and the members of the board to express your feelings.

Email: (Chair, Board of Trustees),,



This petition made change with 758 supporters!

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