Man Repeller: Social Change and Influence

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“Man Repeller explores the expansive constellation of things women care about from a place of openness and humor, with the conviction that an interest in fashion doesn’t minimize one’s intellect.”

       Man Repeller is an enhanced version of the conventional media platform. It fosters the collision of topics that rightfully appeal to every type of woman, allowing for all elements of life to be subject to intellectual dissection and analysis. They write editorials on an array of subjects (such as a fashion retrospective of Parent Trap and which sea salt caramel ice cream is best) posing real questions through attainable satire while providing valuable critiques. If you’ve never heard of it, I implore you to check it out now!

       As an avid consumer of this beautifully-amorphous website, I feel Man Repeller is currently in a unique position of influence where it can potentially function as a courageous space to better address social issues that affect our society. By doing this, it could cultivate a standard among publications that are also geared toward women while stimulating a “no excuses” mentality toward awareness and engagement.

       By pairing an aesthetic with an ethic, Man Repeller has the capacity to expand its definition of the “intersection between culture, fashion, and humor” that they champion. In using their social media platforms, Man Repeller can take bigger steps toward mainstreaming social consciousness to create a more holistic awareness for their readers, calling greater attention to social issues currently facing women. Its diverse fan base has potential to garner more attention for issues, such as natural disasters and social injustices, that their communities face in their respective corners of the world. This can create a new type of unity among its readers and advocate for actionable change.

       This can be actualized in a variety of ways. A way to further social engagement would be to gear some of their content toward a younger woman wrestling with difficulties related to body image, mental health, and social injustice.  This approach would address the circles of society where influence flows upward. Conversely, it can manifest by putting the experiences of both women of color and white women in the workplace in dialogue with each other to form a better understanding of how we can better support each other when we find ourselves in male dominated workplaces. By providing editorial work with more diverse perspectives, Man Repeller can address the ways we are negatively influenced by popular media. Specifically, the lack of women of color in Hollywood or the historical reduction of characters of color to compilations of palatable stereotypes destructive to everyone. Man Repeller can improve it’s already great platform to one that reaches more women on specific social issues.

       Through this petition I’m calling on Man Repeller, as a company, to utilize their position of power to popularize more discussion on matters that women of color are facing and matters related to social awareness. I’m asking for Man Repeller to create an office for someone with this interest of diversity in mind, who can utilize their experiences to curate editorial material for man repellers who are interested in issues of social justice and awareness particularly in relation to race and politics in media. To sign this petition means that you are in agreement with how essential this position is to the evolution of Man Repeller. This petition, along with a social media campaign, will unravel the reasons why I’m right for this position. Follow along on my instagram @supnicci, as I give you a lens into the experiences that led to my fluid understanding of the world.


Nicci Carrasco


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