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Remove JU VC and Registrar now, Home Minister apologize and Impartial and Fair Enquiry into the incidents.

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They were cornered in the dark. Beaten up. Clothes were torn. Women sexually harassed and assaulted!

The students of Jadavpur University were peacefully protesting when the police along with the RAF (Rapid Action Force) and other unidentified men in banyans and chappals attacked them. It was unprovoked and indiscriminate violence. More than 35 students were arrested. 30 were injured. Countless were hurt by the presence of police on their campus at 2 a.m. in the morning. All were shocked by the sheer brutality of the incident.

The JU students were standing up for one of their own. A female student was molested a few days back and all they were demanding was an impartial and fair enquiry into this incident by the Vice Chancellor. But instead of holding a dialogue with the students, the Vice Chancellor instructed the police to take action and disperse the students. The police then violently attacked the peaceful protesters.

In an official statement to the media, the police alleged that the students attacked them while they were only trying to escort the VC out. Our video footages speak otherwise. The cops say, there were “outsiders” with dangerous deadly weapons. As for the weapons our friends carried, yes they did have them. They had their guitars and their saxophones. They had their music and their slogans. If students from nearby universities and colleges come to show their solidarity with the protesting students of JU, will we call them “outsiders”? If so, then so are we. We, the students of The English and Foreign Languages University, Hyderabad, who know the pains of residing in a police campus for months, condemn this attack wholeheartedly.

We demand to know from you, the Chief Minister of Bengal, for whom this is ‘a small incident’, when you will act. How many Park Streets, how many Tapas Pals and how many Barasats will shake you out of your stupor? To protest the violence meted out to one woman, so many of our friends and fellow fighters in JU had to face this administration-sponsored violence. Who gave orders to the police to beat up our friends? We demand an answer. We demand an apology from your Police minister for molesting our friends, beating them up for nothing at all.

We appeal to the Governor of West Bengal, who is also the Chancellor of Jadavpur University, to immediately remove the vice-chancellor. He is clearly unworthy of being in such a position for he needs the help of the cops to run his institution. His act has disturbed the peaceful environment worthy of an educational institution and constructed an ambience of terror on the university premises.

1.     Remove Vice-Chancellor for he has proved himself incompetent in resolving issues concerning campus violence and instead has reinforced the same to an unprecedented extent.

2.      Demand public apology  from the Police Minister, for the heinous crimes that the police committed by molesting the students who were participating in the peaceful demonstration and were far from causing any damage to the prevalent social dynamics of the public.


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