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Safety and security for the daughters of Mother India

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Recently a 4-year old girl was sexually abused by two male teachers at the reputated G.D Birla School, Kolkata. Well, nothing new. Sexually abused cases are now quite common and day by day becoming more common. 

I am not writing this to ask justice for her because, after the crime has been done, after the victim has fallen into the trap, justice simply acts as a mere pain killer. And the daughters of this Nation no more needs the pain killers, we need measures, proper measures so as to avoid any such brutality from further happening. 

At first only roads were not safe. Now, even the schools aren't. Should the girls completely stop going outside due the fear of getting raped? Should the girls stop going to school and sit at home hiding under the bed? Don't the girls deserve to lead a fearless, happy life? So many sexually harassed cases go unnoticed. My question is how far will this continue? Some serious action needs to be taken.

Please, sign this petition so that every daughter can lead a fearless life, every daughter can walk the roads bravely, every daughter can go to school happily. Being a daughter I ask for your support. Please do support me. 

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