Petition to CM for seeking help to the musicans (Instrumentalists) of West Bengal

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The honorable Minister of the state,

Department of information and culture

Government of West Bengal

Sub: Coronavirus Pandemic and followed by necessary lock down which is causing  loss of Earning


Respected Sir,

As we are aware that the country is going through a severe critical moment as well as the state due to the pandemic attack of the CORONA virus (COVID-19) , We are compelled to stay at lockdown from 23rd March 2020 as a result of which many musicans (instrumentalists) like us whose main earning used to depend on recording studio, Live shows and from Private tuitions has completely been shattered. Our source of income has come to an uncertainty for not only now a days but also for the coming couple of months in future. All scheduled programmes  has been cancelled for an unknown period of time, all recordings has been postponed  for  unknown time and all private tutions are stopped.

In this situation as we are the only earning member of our families it is becoming very difficult for us to sustain in this situation. As our earning is solely depended on per day income so, our current financial status has been shattered and we all are almost in starving condition. It’s quite impossible for us to arrange our daily necessary wages in this devastating situation of lock down and in upcoming scenario.       

In this context we are praying you to please stand by your fellow Musicians (instruments players)of the state by providing some financial help to them so that they can survive through this hard time. We are thus sending this request to you for your kind consideration.

Thanking You,

Yours sincerely,

Your fellow Musicians of West Bengal.

Dated:20th April 2020.