Corruption in Aliah University ( An minority Institution)

Corruption in Aliah University ( An minority Institution)

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Democratic Students' Confederation of India (A non political Social welfare Organization) started this petition to MAMATA BANERJEE Hon'ble Chief Minister West Bengal


The Chief Minister

Government of West Bengal


Minister, Minority Affairs and Madrassah Education, West Bengal

Resected Honourable Madam,

Muslims, among the minorities communities are lagging behind in all respect (Education, Govt. Jobs, representation in Government and university as well as bank credit) reported by the Sachar Committee. Specially, Bengali Muslims are in bottom line in regards to the above in all over India also mentioned in this report. Aliah University was established in 2009 as minority institution funded by MAME out of the Calcutta Madrassa for the empowerment of the Bengali Muslims community of the state under article 30 (1) of the Constitution of India for educational development/up-liftmen of the minorities of the state. There are various issues which have been reported through different mediums that the university is indulged in corruption. The university is in question for several reasons ranging from matters related to financial irregularities, student issues, administrative failures, corruption in appointments and so on which are plaguing the progress of this university at this moment. Being a sensible citizen of this country, we are highlighting the following issues and requesting your good self to take necessary action to save the university as well as interest minority communities.

  I.          A fact funding report was tabled in 2017 in regards to financial as well as appointment of faculties. However, no action was taken as of today.

II.          Recently, several irregularities were made in the recruitment process (Department of Arabic, Department of Biological Sciences, Controller of Examinations etc.) and few of the were challenged in Calcutta High court and university was lost. This proves that university are indulged in corruption. 

III.          Two cases have filled in Calcutta High Court a) Recruitment of Registrar (WPA 6010/2020) and  b) PIL [WPA(P) 29.2020] in regards to faculty recruitment of the Department of English as well as non-obeying the Aliah Staue/Act as which is serious concern by us. It seems university engaged in corruptions. Therefore, university are facing several litigation which hampered/laden the progress or very purpose of the University. We are restless being responsible citizen of the community.

IV.          University established several study centres which have no existence as of now. Please ask a report on it.

V.          In spite of the above issues, your good self may please instruct the university to  submit:

§  A report about research contribution and output of the university.

§  Please ask to audit report of last Ten years.

§  Please instruct to enhance facilities for the students and research scholars of the university.

We therefore request you please take necessary action in this regards to stop the corruption and irregularities happening in Aliah University.


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At 100 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!