Save the Mamaroneck High School Shakespeare Program!

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It has recently come to the graduating Seniors' attention that Shakespeare will no longer be the same after this year. The School's administration has came to a decision to stop Shakespeare in the coming year and begin to replace it with a club that will perform small scene work. That means there will no longer be a Shakespeare Show at Mamaroneck High School. Working on small scenes will not be the same at all and will destroy any sort of cohesiveness the original text had. For me and the many other alums of the program as well as the current players, we have found this absolutely disheartening. It's upsetting to think that all the great experiences we've had in High School due to Shakespeare will no longer be available to the students of this district. Shakespeare has opened so many doors for many people over the years. It has given High School students a love of theatre and a passion for the legendary playwright. It connected well with our curriculums in class and gave each student involved with the program a new understanding of the source material. Not only was it an educational opportunity, it was also a theatrical and team building opportunity. To show our appreciation for the program and the wish to bring it back, please sign this petition.