The Government needs to Fund the Fight against Domestic Violence

The Government needs to Fund the Fight against Domestic Violence

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The Malta Population started this petition to Malta Parliament and

The government needs to fund the appropriate departments to educate and execute the law according to Chapter 581. of the Malta Legislation.

-Make public knowledge the cycle of abuse in a comprehensive manner so that people can start to recognize the situation they are in. Give victims hope that there is a better future by using success stories and by making examples out of perpetrators. Elect leaders in the field who can make a change.

- Start a rehabilitation program for abusers but do not clear them to re-integrate completely without passing through a series of psychological tests to avoid further harm being carried out at a later stage.

- Offer protection services to people who feel threatened, create a safe, controlled environment where victims can look out for each other such as the 'black dot' method. Understand that a protection order is just a piece of paper that cannot protect you after the crime has been made.

-Empower the schools and other entities who are witnessing children's psychological or emotional damage to speak out and help address the issue while protecting them completely.

- The police force to recognize when an abusive/aggressive person is doing repetitive offenses and keep a log of perpetrators. The police force to be more emphatic and tolerant to victims who run to them for help and are met with a dismissive stone cold attitude. Police officers who do this should be flagged and directed internally to an educatory program whenever flagged. 

- Establish that abusive personalities can be a police officer too, and that victims sometimes mimic abusive behaviors as an act of desperation to protect themselves. Abusers usually take this opportunity to shift the blame on the victim and bystanders accept it because it's easy.

- Educate children in schools about violence in general. Locate any kind of demeaning attitudes and refer these children to nurture clubs. Call in the parents. Start doing wellbeing and yoga class in school. Stop making wellbeing something to be ashamed of. 

- Educate the public about wellbeing, breathing methods, and other ways to stimulate the vagus nerve to diminish anxiety. Understand that there is a very high percentage of the population that has the same kind of psychological ailments due to generations of genetic pooling. Establish a way to educate the public about our challenges as a whole.

- Ban the media from writing articles titled in such a way that blames the victims for being stuck in the cycle of abuse. Instead of educating the survivors to spot signs of DV, we should be educating literally everyone else. Empower the survivors as heroes who have managed to overcome their own fear and encourage others to follow, promise and deliver these people to safety.

- Understand why there have been cases in which the courts of Malta have failed to review criminal evidence in depth and passed judgement based on current socio-economic trends instead of carrying out justice.

- Have a simplified version of the actual law made public so that the police and the public can follow the law without one or the other claiming they are not able to enforce or follow said law. This would also help people who are not able to pay a lawyer, or people who are being taken advantage of by their lawyers.

-Empower the Commission of Gender-Based Equality and Domestic Violence to actually carry out the objectives stipulated in the relevant act; CAP 581. 5. (1) (2)

- Have a safe, effective and quick way of flagging sentences issued by the court which the victim is not in agreement with.

- Offer protection to the children at all costs, as in most cases where there is joint custody one parent can control the other with the threat of using a signature as a psychological weapon.

Revisit and continue supporting our Malta population as seen fit, and understand that this is a request made by men, women and children who need an emphatic and holistic approach to solve their situation.

Thank you.

82 have signed. Let’s get to 100!
At 100 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!