Have better school food........Please

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Every week that our food schedule comes back, every student gets disappointed with the lack of edible food and the abundance of vegetarian options. The excuse for the abundance of vegetarian options has always been that it is a healthier alternative, but healthy does not have to mean bad tasting food, healthy food can still taste good. Every time (although very rare) that we have animal meats (not soy) there is always a vegetarian option, but there is never a meat option when there is vegetarian main meals. On the rare occasion that there is meat options, usually a lot of people do not get to eat it because of the scarcity of it, not enough food is made to feed the students, and that goes directly against Swedish educational laws. Furthermore, this food does not live up to the standards set by livsmedelsverket, the food does not reach the nutritional values that they demand from schools all over Sweden, all this is done with the excuse of a more environmentally friendly diet. This is extreme at this point. It is not just one school, students from every gymnasium in Malmö are complaining about the quality of food. Malmö stad can change this and we demand change