Don't install Point Dume speed humps without further study/input.

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On Wednesday October 7, the Malibu City Council in considering approving the funding of a pavement contract that includes 26 speed bumps/humps, --some $427,000 "supposedly requested by Point residents".

We the believe more study and public input is needed before this funding is approved for the following reasons: 

1) Many Point Dume residents were never informed about the placement and type of speed bumps.  More transparency, notice and opportunity for public input is needed.  (Please note, before the Point Dume pathways were installed we had many many many public meetings to get community input.  In this case, many people who reside in Malibu had NO opportunity to have input prior to the City Council meeting on Wednesday.)

2) Public Safety Concerns need to be studied and addressed prior to the approval of speed bumps/humps: 

According to Public Safety Commissioner Marlene Matlow:

"I was a strong advocate of speed humps many years ago, but when the Fire Dept. came to a Public Safety Commission meeting (not sure how many years ago) and explained about the golden 4 to 6 minutes of time to save the life of a choke, heart attack, etc, victim....I changed my mind!!

Not to mention the need for quickly getting to a small house fire that grows into an out of control fire with every second the fire department is delayed getting to the fire. Google "L.A. County Fire Dept. policy on speed humps" and you will understand why these extremely heavy fire dept. vehicles have to slow down 7 to 10 seconds per hump. If the individuals who signed the petition for speed humps could understand "be careful what you wish for", they wouldn't want speed humps - which are ineffective at best.

The City did a Point Dume Traffic Calming study many years ago. It provided suggestions on the various ways to calm traffic. I think the City needs to look into their files and find that study before agreeing to speed humps. They're also not considering how speed humps will affect delays to all the P.D. streets that don't have humps. Neighbors....Please consider going to the City Council meeting this Wednesday at 6:30 pm I'm not sure when the item covering this issue will come up, but your input will be very important. Thank you, Marlene"

Thank you for your attention to this matter. 



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