Bring the lovely miss khoder back

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On the first day back of term 2, parents of the Malek Fahd Islamic School Greenacre campus were shocked to have received a letter explaining that the classroom teacher of 6Red will be absent due to “confidential” reasons.

In the entire history of Malek Fahd Islamic School, this same letter has never been issued to an entire classroom. In 2018, a year 12 teachers employment was being questioned and for almost 3 months the year 12 students did not have a teacher. During this time, the parents did not receive any correspondence from the school explaining that the teacher was away nor did an alternatively qualified teacher replace them and this is at the year 12 level. When teachers take leave or when teachers go on Hajj there is no letter to parents explaining they are away on confidential matters. Why now? Our children are being effected and the students are struggling to adjust to having a casual teacher.

We demand that the school is transparent and that the principal brings back this wonderful teacher and grade coordinator - Ms Khoder - who has been at the school for over 20 years.

As parents, we have the right to know what is happening with our children’s education and the Principal, Mr Bruce Rixon, needs to acknowledge that parents also have a voice!