Maldives Resorts should have 65% Maldivian employees & 35% foreign employees

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I believe every single Maldivian should sign this Petition! Here is why! The reason for the petition is not only for 60% Maldivians as resort workers, There are other reasons also mentioned below! I urge Maldives Parliment to change the bill as requested!

  • In other countries when a Maldivian works in tourism industry, he/she is paid less but in Maldives you see foreign employees are paid high. Goverment should set a minimum wage of 600$ for tourism industry and 12% Service charge.
  • In Maldives we have few resources to get income, earlier we hear that we generate income from fishing and farming, but today our main income comes from tourism. The current percentage of Maldivians work in resorts are 40% and 60% is foreign employees. Yes, There should be overseas employees but do they should be in every department? Today you see in resorts that even the house keeping room attendant is also a foreigner. Why? 
  • 1/3 of the excom should be Maldivians, and if the resort general manager is a foreigner then the resort manager should be a Maldivian, but if the general manager is a Maldivian there can be a foreign resort manager, but priority should be given to a Maldivian.
  • What do Maldives Goverment get when 60% of each resort employees wages go abroad? We have 130+ resort in Maldives and average staff count is like 400. Almost 52,000 staffs and among them 20,000 are Maldivians and the rest 32,000 are foreigners. If this 32,000 staffs basic salary and with the service charge an average of 700$ is payed which is like then $22.4Million per Month which is transfered out of Maldives. 
  • Goverment should make a strict rule that the employees should work 8hrs a day and 6 days a week, and if work overtime should pay 2.50$ per hour and on Fridays 2.75$ per hour.
  • There should be a law that a maximum of 2 years should be given to a foreign HOD members, This will give more chances to Maldivians to stay as HODs rather than foreigners.
  • Each resort should have a shop with Maldives local souvenirs, This will help to grow our local market.
  • Each Resort should have a staff shop which should open from morning 9am to evening 10pm except the prayer times. Goverment Service Tax (GST) collected from staff shops should be same as the local islands.
  • Goverment also should make a specific Specific office for tourism industry complains with a call center service under Tourism Ministry, This will help to monitor the operation of the changes, for example in Maldives some resorts have 11hours duty, without overtime. The staffs can do complain via the phone and actions should be taken! This will solve the issues!