Call for Malden City Council President Sica to Resign

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We, the undersigned residents of Malden, have different backgrounds and political ideals. Despite our differences, we all are deeply troubled by the recent actions of City Council President Jadeane Sica.

Councillor Sica has admitted she held a party which brought together 50 people in the parking lot of a local business, including a DJ. It appears she used her sway to obtain the permission of the venue owner. Additionally, there is evidence that alcohol was consumed in the parking lot. Were there adequate designated drivers, as no one should be sharing a car with someone living in a different home? Finally, when a concerned resident called the police, Councillor Sica claimed that this person was simply trying to embarrass her.

Leaders lead by example, and Councillor Sica is telling the community with this action that COVID-19 is an inconvenience, not a serious threat to this community, nation, and planet. Not only might this party become a spreading event for the coronavirus, but it has the effect of inspiring other such events, as community members say, “if the council president can have a party, I can too.”

The social distancing protocols we are trying so hard to follow are designed to keep us all safe in these trying times. It is only reasonable to expect that our elected officials follow the same rules. Councillor Sica’s choice to disregard the state’s mandates comes with consequences. We trust that she will realize that given her actions she can no longer ethically serve the Malden City Council. We would expect the same of any other councillor in this situation, but the council president especially can not lead us in this critical time. We request that she resign from her position immediately to demonstrate that she understands and accepts the consequences of her actions.