Save Malden Catholic and Bring Back Lisa Cenca

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We, the parents, students and friends of the Malden Catholic community are troubled by the news that Ms. Cenca will no longer be leading the Girls' Division. The idea of a single principal to lead the school does sound like a good idea but we don't see a way forward for the Girls' Division without Ms. Cenca at the helm. It was her vision that first drew us to the school and her successful implementation of that vision which convinced us that MC would be the right place for our daughters.
Ms. Cenca built something that didn't exist before. No one can question the success of the Girls' Division. The reason MC feels like two schools is because they are. Ms. Cenca, working with a clean slate was able to bring new energy and fresh ideas to the Girls' Division. It is clear that the Boys' Division is in need of an infusion of the same.
Malden Catholic leadership took a chance and did what everyone else said was impossible. You built and opened a new Catholic school in the Archdiocese of Boston. For that you are to be commended.
Beyond all expectations the enrollment numbers have surpassed all projections. The enthusiasm for the Girls' Division has even improved the Boys' numbers because now parents can send all of their kids to MC. It would not have been possible to implement what Ms. Cenca created in 3 years at ANY existing school. The force of inertia would simply be too great to overcome.
Before Ms. Lisa Cenca was tasked with the impossible, she developed the Brother Kevin program in the Boys' school. She guided boys who perhaps needed a little extra attention and helped them to become successful Malden Catholic Men.
Parents of daughters have been blown away by the opportunities and experiences that MC has provided them with no end in sight. Parents of boys want that same experience for their sons and they can see across the hall that it is close at hand. If only they could capture that same spark.
You had it; you had lightning in a bottle and you let it go. You favored taking a comfortable seat in the past rather than leading Catholic education into the future. Ms. Lisa Cenca is the right person to lead MC to fulfill its motto, "Plus Ultra", in the fast-paced digital age. In fact to many of the new MC families whose children are enrolled in the Girls' division, or to those whose children thrived in the Brother Kevin program,
Ms. Lisa Cenca is MC.
Therefore, we the undersigned respectfully request that you reverse your decision and name Ms. Lisa Cenca as Principal of Malden Catholic.