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Stop The Hiring of Cat Traps&wild foot traps Enforce Rules so the Cat is Returned Unharmed

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The Laws in Australia allow people to hire cat traps for nuisance and feral cats but how do they know and we know that the person who hired a cat trap hasn't trapped the cat and killed the cat or harmed it. They can also hire the traps for any cat they choose as long as they can get the cat in the trap on there property. The council just told me they don't know what the people do when they hire them but as long as they get the traps back In good condition they don't care. Why are there not laws so if you get a trap you need to bring the cat back? and not a empty trap they hire them so they should follow up on there rules and regulations who is there to make sure the person is following these rules? I have read on facebook of people catching there neighbours cats and killing them because the cat was on there property. if someone hires a cat trap the ranger should have to take the cat trap to that persons house and bring the cat and trap back or evan the person that gets the cat will have to bring the cat trap back with a healthy cat and they have tried other human options of catching the cats i have rescued cats and feral kittens and they are all so loving now and i didnt use a cat trap i used a cage and i shut the door when they came in and most of them have found homes there are better ways to catch cats and also the right way without people hurting them after they catch them. There are good people out there but there are also a lot of bad people that hurt animals. Also the council's shouldnt have a right to use wild cat and dog traps where there will get there foot etc stuck in the trap and that poor animal will be sitting there suffering in pain until a ranger comes and gets the animal this is wrong there would be a more human way to catch feral cats and wild dogs. Also please contact your Local Council and tell them how you feel about hiring cat traps and the Council setting up wild dog and wild cat traps there is a more human way. Togeather we can and will make a differnce. PLEASE HELP THE VOICELESS WE ARE THERE VOICE. I do agree that cats should be kept in doors or in a enclosure so they dont kill our birds though. Evan though humans destroy birds and native animals habitats everyday. PLEASE SIGN AND SHARE.

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