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Please regulate Farms and keep us safe and make us feel welcome. We are human beings.

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I myself have done 92 days of farm work, and even though i was quite lucky and met some wonderful people, i still witnessed some shocking behaviour towards backpackers and residents too. First of all it is not nice when you get constantly shouted at and blamed for something that wasn't your fault to begin with! To work in a factory with such a negative atmosphere and made to feel like you were just some foreigner that knows nothing, constantly on edge and scared to even talk to my friends during work, are we living in the past???? Why do farmers have such big chips on their shoulders? And why do so many travellers still get scammed??? It's disgusting! Most travellers are not brought up around an agricultural background but yet still want to do this (despite horrible rumours) for that second year visa in a country that they love and admire. And it's a shame we experience the harsh reality of farm work through locals and farmers that put us down and treat us like we are some spoilt little rich kids who haven't worked their entire lives. Wrong. For example i am 29 this year, a mature backpacker who has worked since the age of 16 and has had to sacrifice like many other backpackers; travelling the world without having their family and friends and hometown right there with them. Not only we are in a different country and out of our comfort zones but we have to spend 3-6 months, nearly half of our visas to complete farm work that sometimes can be dangerous, poorly supervised and paid badly. Backpackers should look forward to farm work, not look at it as a dreadful experience in Australia. Please make this more safe for us, and make people feel welcome! It's 2017 let's change it! Otherwise there will be a decline in workers, no second year visas and everyone will be affected! 

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