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Keep the whole of WA including Perth valid for RSMS 187 visa.

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To the kind attention of

Hon Malcolm Turnbull MP, Prime Minister of Australia; and

Hon Peter Dutton MP, Minister for Immigration and Border Protection


Dear MPs,

I am here to express my sincere concern about the present situation and immediate future of the thousands of people that are currently in WA, mostly Perth, which spent many thousands of dollars as students, mostly, investing in a pathway that until 8 days ago was 100% viable. I am referring to the subclass 187 Direct Entry visa. 

Unfortunately the newly elected Labour WA government had the brilliant idea to block overnight both the State Sponsored visa (190) and the Regional Employer Nominated visa (187DE) in WA, alleging that its improper use is the cause of high unemployment in Perth and WA. 

I agree with "Local jobs to Australian first", but this is not the way to do it and definitively not fair for the thousands affected, which, overnight, they see wasted months if not years of efforts, study and thousands of hard earned dollars spent in University and TAFE courses, vanished in thin air all of a sudden.

This has thrown in disarray the life of all these people, and their Families (no doubt some of them are Australian Citizens or PRs, think about brothers and sisters, one is Citizen - and a Voter - , the other is not ...), which now don't know what will happen with their life. As it stands now, both the 190 and the 187DE programs are de-facto suspended in Western Australia. "Temporarily suspended"; nobody knows until when they will stay "suspended".

I know from the press that Mr. McGowan has written to you to ask to remove Perth from the list of postcodes valid for the 187DE visa.

I ask you please DON'T! 

Western Australia is a thriving environment particularly in the sector of Hospitality - and most likely in many others - and it DOES need foreign workers right now for the simple reason that there are not enough skilled - or well enough skilled - Australian or Permanent resident workers/professionals. In other words, WA is growing at a faster rate than the number of skilled workers and professionals that can be provided by TAFEs, mostly. 

Ask any employer, and they will confirm what I'm saying. 

Both the 190 and the 187DE already have the necessary "skills requirement" embedded in its legislation. 

The "skills" threshold, is different in other temporary visas, such as the 457. Just saying .. 

The solution to WA unemployment, is not to delete Perth from the RSMS187DE list of valid postcodes. 

Whatever change to migration policy and legislation needs to be done, it's not up to me to say; but whatever will it be, I am convinced that changing overnight, without any previous warning, a policy of such primary importance for thousands of people that are here already, let's remember this, because they LOVE our country, is not proper of a first world, civilised country. Put it simply, it's not fair, at all.

A gradual process, and with ample heads up time, should have been implemented. 

So please, DON'T remove Perth from the RSMS program. Not in this manner, at least.

Kind regards, Stefano Mollo

MARN 1570954.

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