Let's Make Family Law About The Children

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Hi my name is Dave and I want to change Australian Family Law.

I believe my proposal is fair and has merit and I want to enforce change. 

Hi Malcolm

None of us has a crystal ball, so it seems ridicules to perform a property settlement based on who won the kids on the day of their court case, because you never know which parent is there for the children, and which parent is there for the money. Looks can be deceiving.

So instead of a property settlement how about a family trust. By setting up a family trust you would give equal responsibility to each parent, both parents would be empowered and be able to have a real say in their children's upbringing. The perceived fairness and transparency will reduce mental anguish and improve family outcomes.

Taking away the lump sum payment in the divorce settlement will mean there is nothing left to fight over. Lawyers won't work for nothing and there will be no incentive for vindictive parents to fabricate family violence stories to increase their financial gain.

Put all the assets in a trust. Superannuation, cars, bank accounts, and interest. Allow each parent an equal amount to establish a home environment so the children can stay over, of course only in circumstances without family violence. False reporting of family violence to alienate the other parent would include harsh penalties. Child support payments then get paid into the trust.

All approved children expenses can be claimed by either parent but they must have a receipt. The Child support agency sets an overnight rate for each child and revises this each year for inflation. At the end of each fortnight calculate the nights each parent had the children and disperse funds from the trust accordingly. When the last child reaches 21 the trust is wound up and the remaining funds paid out to both parents. 

Under your system the money stays with the parent who won custody. But if the child is abused and the non custodial parent has to take over those obligations they must rely on charities and the tax payer to survive because they are now broke after their dealings with the family court and child support agency.

With my idea the money stays with the children where it belongs. I think you will find a drop in child support delinquencies, with transparency comes trust and understanding. And of course each parent will want to protect their interest in the family trust account. 
You will also see a big drop in the suicide rate because the non custodial parent would now be acknowledged, and have a future to live for.

There has been 65,300 suicide attempts in the past 12 months and I believe a large percentage of these are caused by the Family Court and the Child Support Agency.


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Please support my initiative and help stop the Australian suicide epidemic.




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