Stop the "Red Card " Detention Policy at Silver Spur Elementary School

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We, the parents of Silver Spur, do not support the new "Red Card" Detention Policy. This Detention Policy uses fear, humiliation, isolation, and detention of our young school children to manage behavior.  Punishing 6 to 11 year old children by isolating them when they eat lunch and making them sit in a detention center during recesses and lunches is extreme.  This fosters an unhealthy school environment, prevents our children from thriving, and has lasting psychological negative effects. All adults at school are authorized to distribute red cards, including yard staff, custodian, teachers, and principal.  Abuse and misuse of Red Cards is a concern. Encouraging positive means, having age-appropriate consequences, and communicating with parents to manage our children's behavior can be a successful alternative.  By signing this petition, you can help support the STOP of the Detention Policy at Silver Spur.  Our children do not deserve this Detention Policy in our Elementary Schools.  Our children deserve better.

We are resorting to this petition because several parents have contacted the principal and district office with their concerns over this system. We do not feel that our concerns have been given enough weight. Suggestions of alternative consequence system suggestions have been ignored. On a daily basis, children indicate "Red Cards" are threatened or handed out with inconsistency, lack of fairness, and by discrimination.  Same 'Red Card" offense has resulted in different consequences for different children.  

We ask the school board to intervene to help assist the principal with mentoring in Positive Behavior Intervention Systems (PBIS), a highly effective and proven method of using positive means to improve the school environment. This is in hopes of improving our school culture and climate and in keeping it more in line with the other elementary schools in PVPUSD.

We will be collecting signatures for support and appreciate any comments you can add. We will be presenting this petition to the school board on May 25. If you can attend we would appreciate it.

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