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We want to welcome refugees into Australia without the need for persecution

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I am writing this petition to ensure that everyone who comes to Australia has the right to enter our country without the need for locking up innocent people and a fair chance for a new life. Australia has been moving around refugees for at least 170 years now and the government has done nothing to provide a proper solution so far. I have grown up seeing people talk about refugees and never fully understood the problem, until now. Listening to the news over the past few weeks I have heard about the suicides and reports of abuse. The secrecy of the government has kept us with a blind eye to the issue, but enough is enough.

We need to be helping these people and ensuring that they also get a fair go at their own lives, just because we are born in Australia and get the privilege to live in a safe and secure environment doesn't mean that we should be excluding others from our beautiful country. A video was leaked by children on Nauru Island which exposes their gut-wrenching pleas for freedom. The children claim they are being held as "hostages" by the Australian government and alleging bullying and abuse by their teachers and the Nauruan people. "We're tired, when we go to school we don't have anything... the teachers always hit us". One child also states that "When I go to school, the Nauru [children] say "refugee, go to your country, here is our country." All the time they fight us and swear to us, they punch us. We go tell the principal, the principal says to us "I don't care... I don't have to do nothing for you guys". "We want a real home... and a real school, not like this. We want to go to Australia, please let us go, I beg you".

In the video, the children make direct appeals to the Australian government and Australian citizens. The children allege abuse and bullying by students in the school which refugee children and Nauruan children share, as well as claiming the principal of the school responded to their complaints by saying "I don't care... I don't have to do nothing for you guys."

By signing this petition, you are helping to encourage Malcom Turnbull, the current Prime Minister of Australia and Peter Dutton, current Minister for Immigration and Border Protection to consider the idea of not directly persecuting asylum seekers and refugees when they arrive on land.

Please share this petition! Help raise awareness for an ever-growing problem that we must solve… Before it's too late.



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