Treaty Re Negotiation

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                                         TREATY NOTICE SUBMISSION

Australian Government you are on NOTICE! As of this moment {Date} 

You are on notice to enter treaty re –  negotiations with first nations people to put forward motion in place of article 37 of the United Nations Declaration On Rights Of Indigenous Peoples.


We have the right to participate in decisions that affect us

 The Australian Government is supposed to be committed to resetting the relationship with first nations peoples.

To have active participation in the decision-making that affects my people, that of which is a key part of resetting the relationships between first nation peoples and non indigenous.

But our participation in decision-making is limited.

To certify human rights standards we should be involved in all major decisions affecting us, including on issues around land development, culture, housing, health, education, employment, child welfare, social services and criminal justice.

The participation in decision-making through our own institutions is reflected in the declaration, but we can’t lobby the government at all levels to establish a system to ensure this happens.

Why because we still as a nation of human beings of indigenous people suffer oppression and sovereignty still to this day from the dismantle system put in place from colonization to utilize Aboriginal resources that white government and Australians maintain and benefit from and have decision making upon my people.

And that impacts upon my cultural identity as an Aboriginal Gooreng Goorreng man, by its being unprotected through this process of adapting into society to survive. Not necessarily by force but certainly by decisions that are made with no rights of my people included in them.

 Adequately it ought to have the support and my peoples rights held accountable for action to be sustained on, being connected with our country and having recognition of mutual respect that we govern ourselves as a group and that does not exclude us as Australians.

We have the right to govern ourselves

 ·      What advantage do my people have since 223 years of colonization?

 ·      What power do my people have for the Australian government to conform our lore’s that are not recognized?

 ·      Where are my people’s policies of our elders that are intended to affect the ‘’LUCKY COUNTRY’’ by guiding decisions that are made?

 ·      Where is my people’s protection with no recognition into the constitution that discriminates Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people?

·      Where is our protection that exceeds us moving forward over colonization in our 250 countries without being exempt to having to adapt into British colonial society?

 ·      Why the existing government policies and procedures ensuring inadequate funding and lack there of commitment into the achievement acts set forth in agreement? 

 I ask these questions within this notice, as a reflection of the government has unsuccessfully implemented structures of beneficial connections to support both first nations peoples and our community’s along with government society outside of it.

Do I need to remind government bodies of the Declaration and of its legitimacy of having political weight that can influence law and policy reform in Australia?  


Negations in form of treaty re - negoations

 Such influence affected upon indigenous individuals of Australian law and reforms of and our community’s are the

Ø Socio – economic development

Ø Cultural co existence sustainability

Ø Education relations

Ø Employment standards of disadvantage resource tactics

Ø Health benefits (closing the gap)

Ø Self governance community’s of relationships with government

Ø  Special measure community’s of national risk (NT Intervention)

Ø Rights to our identities, development, social well being and sustainability to our community. 

These 9 key factors underlay our sovereignty and address the treaty re-negoations to take place and which is to be ceded as much of the action put forward from government and the relationships with first nations people based upon mutual respect and equality.


 Motion forum

  It’s not what me and my people want because what we truly want cannot be UN done for its unjustifiable.

It’s doing what is right.

 That’s the statement of the missing link that goes mislead for my people and its perceptions of who we are as people.

We can continue the backlash of ‘’ go back to where you come from ‘’, ‘’go back to the bush’’, ‘’aboriginals are all the same’’, ‘’white people are all racist’’, that mentality has no pursue to succeed. Or we listen to understand rather than to respond and do what’s right.

This dysfunctional cycle of my people has no cause of direction to lead else where rather than the one it’s spinning around and around on if leading decisions are made upon my people.


“ We are guided by a relationship of high expectations, mutual respect and genuine engagement with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians. Our shared commitment to closing the gap is a natural extension of the dream this government has for every Australians safety security, prosperity and a fair go for all. “

·      Also in the CTG report 2018 a paragraph sees fit the lies and unprecedented actions not done by the government.

 ·      Australian governments are committed to working with Indigenous Australians to develop an agenda that reflects their diverse needs, strengths and aspirations. Importantly, there is a recognition governments do not hold all the levers for change, and that the refreshed agenda can only succeed through genuine collaboration between Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, governments, and the non-government and private sectors.

 With four of the CTG structures due to expire this year, I put forward a motion of the largest forum to be held on the refreshing start of collaborating with first nations people and government bodies that we as a nation take action together upon the change of the 9 key factors of our society within our community.

 This entails all 250 countries of aboriginal people nation wide, along side with government bodies with in indigenous affairs and the United Nations members of human rights, to be present on the discussions and stringency strategies we implement into Aboriginal communities and its people of Australia.

 Representatives of each state of Australia of Aboriginal country or language group will encompass six members that are elected by elders to form a committee that represents the state within each boarder. The equality and diversity of Aboriginal people ensures we have both three women and three men all of which within indigenous affairs of their community and state of where they belong to.

Government bodies included, the Prime Minister, Indigenous affairs minister, Health minister, Education minister, Immigration minister, Employment minister, and the United Nations members of Human Rights.

 If the Australian government is true to its self and genuinely committed to the resetting the relationships of my people and of its settlement's that have been forced in establishment, this is your chance on scale at a national level with the first nations people of Australia. So that with great acknowledgement and respect in the next ten years of my people and its 60th year of the referendum.

·      We abolish the discrimination against ATSI people

 ·      We abolish policies for against first nations people

 ·      We abolish procedures of laws created for us


In replacement of action,

·      We recognize change implemented nationally

·      We grow together with our voices that we incorporate our elders into the constitution that separates us

·      We take fair advantage of a strong hold relationship with first nations people and Australians

·      We tell the story of our true history within our education

·      We rise up on our responsibilities

·      We Create an Australia where our rights and cultural differences are valued’’


Structural implementation

 Which means both government and first nations people have a great deal of work to be done for this motion to succeed.

 To give full effect to the motion, the Australian Government will reflect and issue amend ants that need to change with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples to develop a national implementation strategy on the Declaration. This may include a protocol that ensures our active participation in decision-making on all programs, policies and legislation that affect us, for a framework to address disputes over our rights and the consequences of the past wrong doings. Upon the basis of the 9 key factors to have full influential affects and means. An implementation strategy is crucial to a positive relationship based on mutual respect and trust between our peoples and the Australian Government.


For my people we will Map out a path for Indigenous peoples to be free from discrimination and secure their identities and life choices. In accordance with principles like justice, democracy and non-discrimination

We will ensure that the realization of the rights in the Declaration contribute to a harmonious Australia.

We shall provide guidance for better relationships between our peoples, governments and the wider Australian population. We as people of barriers of our own cultural differences must unite as a nation of Aboriginal people incorporating our spirits of where we belong to together.  

 The benefits of all voices put forward on the table ensures no mislead guidance or bias colloquial ideas go unheard nor mis-represented without all parties including government and first nations people. To sustain a change of aboriginal sovereignty and a creation of fulfillment on Australia’s identity, security, prosperity and a ‘’fair go for all’’.

 As per told this notice takes full affect from {date} to 24 months to date for the forum motion to take its place in history. Yes it may seem not long away but so is 223 years of colonization in 1788 and look where we are today, I’m certain there were plenty of times in history for change that needed to happen but didn’t not until 1967 referendum so lets not play holy to the selfless god given actions you have done upon my people. Lets look towards the future that I believe with hard work and determination of our nation working together, we can create a better sole purpose in the next ten years to mark a celebration of First nations people and together as Australia. For the future of the next generation can look back within our history and say

We restored

We changed

We revolutionized

We identify