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Total Plastic Bag Ban in Australia

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Plastic bags of ANY description are BAD for the environment, even the so called 'Green' plastic bags that can be reused until even they break down into millions of tiny plastic particles, that ultimately end up in landfill and the Ocean. A TOTAL ban on ALL plastic bags (Ie- Supermarket shopping bags and such) would dramatically reduce more plastic ending up polluting the environment for thousands of years. a simple solution to losing plastic bags is to return to using Brown Cardboard/Paper Bags like in the 'Old days', some stores are already using them again, it worked well for hundreds of years until plastic reared its ugly head and there's absolutely no reason why using them again wouldn't work. So Lets PERMANENTLY BAN all Plastic bags of any form here in Australia, and maybe, the rest of the world will take notice. Plastic pollution has become the greatest man made environmental disaster of all time, there is currently as much plastic in the ocean as there are fish,.... If we don't act now, it will be too late. Lets take this first step. 

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