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To bring back coloured smoking packages

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Bring back coloured cigarette packaging!

Why should we as smokers be the only ones to suffer? 

We get limited to where we can smoke , we for a while now have had to have black packaging with disgusting pictures and to What? Turn us off smoking .. 

If we make the decision to want to smoke we should be aloud To? 

 we have alcoholics who get normal packaging yet alcohol is very dangerous but they still get normal packaging , we have fast food making people obese , causing multiple health problems on a daily basis yet they don't have horrible packaging , why? 

We have prescription medication that can cause problems but still, no bad packaging? 

Why are smokers the only ones to get put in the corner? 

If we want to have a ciggy in the morning without looking at o'l Brian,  why can't we?

Not only is it effecting us but the shops aswell, as all the same packaging has made it difficult for them? I've had a few complain about it to myself. 

We need to stand up and get back coloured packaging !


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