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Time to Clean Up Australia - Australians demand a Federal #ICAC

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Fewer than a quarter of federal politicians agreed to commit to new ethical standards devised by legendary corruption fighter Tony Fitzgerald - Just 53 out of 226 signed up to the "Fitzgerald Principles". Thirty-six refused to commit and 137 did not reply to repeated requests to participate. There was not a single Turnbull government MP among the signatories.

Meanwhile Australia is being sold off to foreign interests at an increasingly alarming rate. Politicians are invalid to stand, honesty and integrity has disappeared. Housing costs continue to soar, as does unemployment, underemployment, visa worker numbers, foreign 'investment', poverty, homelessness, power bills, water rates, gas prices and taxes. Suicide rates are at an all time high and domestic violence continues to take lives and destroy lives.

The many thousands of complaints about the corrupt and damaging family law system go unheard, as does the child support system and blatantly flawed Centrelink debt debacle.

Our strategic assets and essential services are being sold off to whoever paid the highest political 'donations', corporations pay less and less tax, the vulnerable are hounded, humiliated and demonised at every turn. Violent and sexual offenders walk free from court, child molesters act with impunity, judges discretion has widened to the point of ridiculousness and disgust, and families lives are being destroyed.

The politicians keep getting pay rises, their expenses and entitlements have become simply obscene, sitting days are left with little action, and politicians are turning up drunk for work, or not turning up at all.

Our food and water security - our future - is being sold off to foreigners - while our farmers go broke and suffer in drought, and foreigners and miners are gifted our precious water & land. The Murray-Darling is a disgrace, climate change is overtly dismissed, the lucrative renewables industry is virtually ignored in favour of donating polluters. Laws are changed to suit the politicians agenda and that of their donors, courts are over ruled, police are called in to arrest citizens exercising their fundamental rights and even martial law has been considered.

Australians demand answers.

Australians demand accountability.

Australians demand a Federal ICAC - with the ability to investigate any avenue, and proceed with charges wherever, and with whomever, the evidence dictates.

And that the ICAC, with the Fitzgerald Principles as a guide, will formulate an enforceable code of conduct for all current and future politicians - which if found to be breached, will result in (but not limited to), the loss of position, the removal of any future right to run as a candidate, and the loss of all future benefits and entitlements.

And that all federally registered political parties are able to vote on the appointment of the presiding Judges, of which there will be no less than 3.

"The major parties surely realise that the public wants politicians to behave honourably and that the scandals which are causing Australians to lose faith in democracy involve their members."

The Fitzgerald Principles
To act honourably and fairly and solely in the public interest
To treat all citizens equally
To tell the truth
Not to mislead or deceive
Not to withhold or obfuscate information to which voters are entitled
Not to spend public money except for public benefit
Not to use your position or information gained from your position for your benefit or the benefit of a family member, friend, political party or other related entity

We must rid Australian politics, public office and our legal system, of the rampant corruption and professional negligence that threatens our society, our families, our workers, and our future.







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